7 Fun Ideas for Long Distance Care Packages

May 30, 2014

So, you and your love have been separated, whether by hours or by several time zones. How can you go the extra mile to show them how much you care? Send a package! It’s a highly customizable, personal, and romantically old-fashioned way to show your love.

At a loss for where to begin? We’re here to help.

  1. A piece of your clothing. There’s nothing nicer or more comforting than the smell of your partner. A flannel button-up, t shirt, or hoodie are all great choices. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll get a special snap of your beloved in your favorite old T!
  2. Something edible and local. Whether it’s a chocolate bar from Sarris Candy in Pittsburgh or a pound of the best dark roast Seattle has to offer, pick up something local for your long distance love. Every bite or sip will remind them of you.
  3. Something you know they want, that they won’t buy for themselves. In my opinion, these make the best kinds of gifts. Does he really want a new camera bag, but feels like it’s a frivolous purchase? Does she want a new phone case, but needs to pay her phone bill instead? It’s the perfect opportunity to show that you pay attention to their wants and needs.
  4. A notebook. Start off by writing a letter to your lover in the first couple pages. Send it back and forth, either as part of your care packages or by itself. Soon, you’ll have a notebook full of letters already organized chronologically. See how many notebooks you can fill before you’re reunited again.
  5. The latest best seller, or a book you think they’d love. You can even send them a copy of what you’re reading and have your own private book club. Want something steamy? Try The Story of O or Bared to You.
  6. Something comforting. When your partner is stressed, what’s the first thing they turn to? Bubble bath, chocolate, an at-home workout? Pick something you know they’ll use to mitigate the stress of long distance.
  7. Something sexy. If you and your partner like to send each other racy pictures, this is a great opportunity to send them something you’d love to see them in. Not the sexting type? Sex toys can be fun to use alone, together, or over video chat. For toy newbies, a bullet vibrator is always a great option. If you want something more advanced, the new KIIROO Onyx and Pearl are perfect toys for long distance lovers, allowing you to feel each other’s movements over the internet.

Sarah Nitchkey


What are you waiting for? Get packing!

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