6 Sex Positions for Using Interactive Sex Toys

Different sex positions to try when using an interactive sex toy

We’ve all been asked to practice self-isolation during the pandemic, but that’s created some issues for people in relationships, whether they’re in long-distance relationships or not.

While some couples are living under the same roof, they still need to keep a distance from their partners. So, in the world of love and intimacy, it hasn’t been easy. But, luckily, we’re not living in the 16th century (could you imagine?).

Today, with the help of technology, we have the tools to keep the spark alive no matter the distance. If you have an interactive sex toy, you’ve probably been using it a lot with your partner, and you may be looking to spice things up in your sex life. Well, we have 6 different positions for you to try out and some extra tips to get the most out of your adult toy via video chat.

Vertical +

esca2 in a sex position

With this lockdown, not many of us have been able to show off our favorite parts of our bodies. If you love your legs, this is the perfect position for you. Lay in front of your bedroom mirror, raising your legs up against it.

Your body will look slim and elongated while your partner will get the perfect view of your bum. If you have an interactive sex toy, you’re ready to go.

Humping Pearl

kiiroo pearl2 used in a sex position

If you want to blow your partner’s mind while having video sex, the Humping Pearl tests how deep you’re willing to go.

With an interactive vibrator, squat over the toy, pushing it in and out to demonstrate penetrative sex.

Let your partner remote control the speed and vibration patterns as you flex your leg muscles. You’ll get a good leg workout and orgasm at the same time.

Twinkling Secret

ohmibod fuse powered by kiiroo being used in a sex position

You have a secret you need to share with your partner on video, and it’s a naughty one. The good thing is you don’t need words; instead, show them. While lying on your back, on a bed, couch or pillow, spread your legs wide open.

Use your rabbit vibrator or clit stimulator to masturbate while your other hand stimulates your clitoris. Your partner can control the vibration patterns while you sit back and enjoy it.

Stairway to Climax

sex positions using a male masturbator

Now, we didn’t forget about all the people with penises. Stairway to climax gets right to it. While sitting on the couch or bed, place the camera to the side of you. Then, all you need to do is use your interactive stroker and let your partner take control and do the rest.

Just make sure you stay in the frame while getting jerked off. You can use this while using a VR headset and experiencing VR content.

Standing Titan

standing sex positions with a sex toy

Every guy wants to be a titan, and this is one way to look like one.

While sitting up on your knees (place a pillow underneath to support your knees), use the interactive stroker while your partner controls the speed and vibrations.

Try to lean back a bit and let go. Just make sure you have a good balance or use one hand to support yourself.

Onyx’s Power

sitting sex positions for men

While lying on the couch or bed, place the camera in front of you, focusing on the front of your body.

This is a pretty classic masturbating position, but in front of the camera and your partner, it’s pretty hot.

With your interactive stroker, your partner will have a perfect view of everything from your dick to your face.

vr sex experience kiiroo

Quick tips for a steamy video chat

Now that you have 6 new sex positions to try out, here are some of the best tips you can use the next time you want to have sex via video chat with your partner.

Get to know your body before going on camera

The best video sex is when you know your body and what makes it tick. When you’re having a video chat sex session, you want to get the most out of it. If you aren’t used to masturbating, give it a go before you go on camera.

Letting your partner watch you masturbate is also a whole other level of sexiness. By knowing what you like, your partner will learn what to do.

Lighting is everything

If you’ve taken a selfie before (who hasn’t these days?), then you know the importance of good lighting. And when you want to have a sexy video chat with your partner, it’s no different.

If you have a tall lamp, you can use that to set it next to your phone or computer, on the side you want more exposure. Make sure it’s set slightly behind the camera, so the light will fall on your face.

Use the color white

Usually, you’ll hear people talking about how to avoid using the color white when on camera, but hear us out. If you want to give some fill and bounce to the shot, take a piece white of paper or a white tablecloth and place it on the table you’re using. Just make sure it’s out of the frame.

Warm-up with some foreplay

We all know you want this video chat to be ultra-sexy, and we’re with you on that. But, the best video chats don’t start once the camera is on. You can use foreplay beforehand, by sending some naughty photos or texts and getting the vibe going.

If you’re new to dirty talk, it’s basically describing what you want to do to your partner (the dirty things, of course). Our best advice for dirty talk? Keep it simple and light.

Don’t start off naked

Why not leave some mystery to the eye? Of course, you can surprise your partner on camera completely naked, but don’t feel that you need to be naked. Be a little naughty by wearing a tight dress or revealing clothes, but without showing everything. Tease your partner by not giving them everything they want right away.

Focus on your favorite part of your body

We all have our favorite body part, and now’s the time for you to show it off. Maybe it’s your legs, your arms, your eyes. Whatever your favorite body part is, you can use the camera to emphasize it. If you love your breasts, have your chest facing the camera while wearing low-cut lingerie or sexy bra.

Confidence is key

Like anything, when it comes to sex, you want to feel comfortable with yourself and confident in your body. You may have the lighting set up perfectly, but you don’t feel you look your best. If that’s the case, play around with the lighting and your angles.

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