5 More Virtual Date Ideas

September 17, 2014

Our first virtual date ideas article was pretty popular! So, we decided to brainstorm even more great ideas for virtual dates. If you’re in a long distance relationship, virtual dates are a MUST!

  1. Stargazing: This one works well over Facetime or a regular call. Head outside with a blanket and your favorite beverage, and look up at the stars with your partner. Try to identify constellations, look out for shooting stars, or just talk about your day. There’s something undeniably romantic about the vastness of space.
  2. Date in a Box: Grab a box, and fill it with things that you know your partner will enjoy. Try to pack their perfect evening into this box, from entertainment to little snacks (if permitted), or even a sexy outfit. For example, you could send a DVD, a bag of microwave popcorn, some Raisinettes, and a super comfy pajama set. Perfect night in! Hey, you could always send a KIIROO Cyberdildonic device if you run out of ideas.
  3. Wine & Cheese Night: It’s fun to get dressed up and do something fancy with your partner, but what about when they’re thousands of miles away? Plan a fancy wine and cheese night by buying the supplies, setting a time, and getting festive. Use your favorite video chat platform, or the KIIROO platform.
  4. Exercise Together: Alright, so it’s not a traditional date, per say. But exercise is great for your sex life, and it can be a huge turn on to exercise together! You can either do it on Skype, or simply start the same exercise program on the same day, and share your progress.
  5. Video Theme Night: With billions of videos available on YouTube and Vimeo alone, there’s no shortage of material for theme nights! Take turns picking out videos, and see where you end up. Personally, I’m always up for some corgi videos. (If you haven’t seen Corgi Flop, you are missing out.)

What are your favorite ways to keep your LDR exciting?

Sarah Nitchkey


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