The 5 Best Clitoral Vibrators

September 15, 2018

kiiroo best clitoral vibrators

This article was first published on 15th September 2014

Best Clitoral Vibrators

When it comes to vibrators, many people think of the classic slimline shape of teledildonics. Common and easy to find?

Absolutely! But, not very pleasurable. Most of the action is in the clitoris, after all, and you don’t need 8 inches of a rigid plastic cylinder to excite the little man in the boat.

Here are our top picks for the best clitoral vibrators. (Bonus: All of them are rechargeable and waterproof!)

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1. We-Vibe Touch ($99)

While the We-Vibe might look a little funny, there’s no doubt about it – it’s one powerful, functional vibrator.

It’s completely waterproof, made of satiny-soft premium silicone, and has impressive battery life. The shape makes it perfect for all kinds of clitoral stimulation, from broad to pinpoint.

Plus, We-Vibe toys have some of the most creative vibration patterns on the market.

2. Lelo Mia 2 ($69)

The popular Mia 2 is sleek, slim, and perfect for anyone who does a lot of traveling. It’s strong, but the range of vibrations is impressive.

If you like to start off low and slow but work your way into a frenzy, this is the perfect vibe for you.

3. Leaf Life+ ($99)

Newly redesigned, the Leaf Life+ is a beautiful, functional vibrator. It has a pointed tip for pinpoint stimulation and a gentle curve for broader vibrations. It’s quiet, features both patterns and steady vibrations.

Leaf Life+ is a great all-around sex toy for anyone looking for something bost sexually and aesthetically pleasing.

4. Revel Body SOL ($139)

The Revel Body SOL is considerably different from any vibrator you’ve seen before.

First of all, it’s spherical. Second, it relies on heavy-duty magnets to produce it's signature sonic pulsations. Its 6th mode, called “om”, was inspired by the heart chakra.

5. Minna Limon ($119)

For anyone that loves patterns, the Minna Limon is an absolute must-have. Why? Because you can make your own! This adorable lemon-shaped vibrator has two air pockets on either side of its motor. As you squeeze, the motor responds. You can freestyle, or record a pattern to use on a loop.

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    Which qualities are most important to you? Power, battery life, patterns, shape? Let us know in the comments!

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