420: Babes and Hunks

April 20, 2018

420 babes and hunks kiiroo

420 is upon us!

Today the world is anything but Dazed and Confused. We are (responsibly) celebrating one of mother nature's greatest gifts to mankind.  Let's not go at it Half-baked and jump on that Pineapple Express! Prepare to dab and do some Kush-ups while you're at it!

In the famous words of Jennifer Lopez just before she visits her favorite dispensary: "Let's get Loud"

To celebrate, we will bless you with a list of the sexiest babes and hunks to follow on Instagram with the main focus on…well, let’s say, Mary Jane.

Let’s start with the Ladies:

1. Sarahjain420


Not only does she Model in bikini’s and snap doing outdoor activities, sarahjain420 does it while smoking weed!
This erotic model combines her love for cannabis at her photoshoots and evidently, it turns out looking good.
You will love this smoking… smoking hot model and her mind "blowing"pics.

2. Trippy.Treez


Trippy.Treez doesn't stop at smoking marijuana while taking pictures and post them on Instagram. She is also a reviewer and marketer with professional content. She models and uses her love for cannabis to expand her brand. No harm in doing what you love and being creative with it right? You can also follow her on YouTube.

3. Thisiskrissyperry

krissy perry kiiroo

When you think of someone who smokes Jonko, is cute and fun, you should think of Krissy Perry. Her Instagram posts always consist of fun and elaborate ways of taking shots of that sticky icky. She also has a YouTube channel where she also does some fun and interesting things all cannabis-related!

4. Lizzyjeff

lizzy jeff kiiroo

Artistic and beautiful. Lizzy Jeff combines her love for cannabis with her artistic vibe. If you are looking for enlighting and uplifting vibes from a creative and artistic soul, she is the one. We consider her page to be Lit AF.

5. Muh_riah

mariah kiiroo

Also known as Mariah, this lady is a model and photographer who’s famous for featuring casual and laid back insta shots. You can tell by her photography that she has her own sense of style. She loves to share her affection for weed in various artistic settings. Poised, elegant and classy she is one of those Instagram influencers that likes to be both in front of the camera as well as behind it.

Now time for the Guys:

1. Bigmike

bigmike kiiroo

Also known as Michael Straumieties, this hunky herbalist is the CEO of Advanced Nutrients. A company known for making marijuana-specific nutrients and supplements. He is a strong believer in the weed movement. His Instagram is full of posts of him and others enjoying dank weed.

2. Tonygreenhand

This man is known for rolling joints and blunts in all shapes and sizes. Ranging from Pikachu J's to Spiderman Dutchies, you can find him and his art available on The Gram. If you are into cute artistic guys, we recommend you to follow the "Rodin" of Pot check him out.

3. Machinegunkelly

Machine gun kelly kiiroo

Probably the most popular guy on this list. Machine Gun Kelly is known for his artistic rap flows but also his Instagram pics of him enjoying some bud. With his tattoos and bad boy looks, he can probably give Wiz Khalifa a run for his money. If you enjoy seeing famous people get lifted, this page is for you!

4. Germjeezus

germjeezus kiiroo

Sticking to the theme of music. Germ is known for his antics with flashy cars, cash money and of course, weed. Lots of smoke up in the air and a lot of cool pictures.
Roll dat window up and hotbox to his Insta!

5. Strainhunters

strainhunters kiiroo

Who doesn’t like the idea of following a bunch of guys traveling the world and documenting stories about weed? You will find interesting stories and people on their Instagram posts. Some are real lookers too! Treat your eyes as well as your brain and lungs ;)


Written by:

Mindy Cordova

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