4 Most Underrated Erogenous Zones

When you think of erogenous zones, a few obvious choices probably come to mind: Lips, nipples, penises, and vulvas. But there’s really so much more. If you’re skipping straight to the Big Four, you’re missing out on a cornucopia of erogenous sensations! Try these four below and let us know what you think:

1. Ears


The ears are erogenous zones in a few different ways. For those of us with hearing, ears allow us to take in the sound of our partner’s voice. Whispering, in particular, can be a very sensual experience – especially for anyone who experiences ASMR. Not so into it? Try gentle ear kisses, or maybe a little nipping.

2. Scalp


For girls everywhere, this comes as no surprise. It’s not a secret – many of us love having our hair played with. But this goes for men, too! Run your fingers through your partner’s hair. Try to trail just your fingertips along, especially near the ears. You’ll be surprised by just how sexy this feels.

3. Inner thighs

4-most-underrated-erogenous-zones-kiiroo-inner thighs

If you head straight for home base when you’re below the belt, you’re missing out. The inner thighs are super sensitive, and as long as your partner isn’t ticklish, light touches, kisses, and caresses feel great.

4. Hands:

4-most-underrated-erogenous-zones-kiiroo hands

If you’ve given up on holding hands, you might want to re-think that. After all, our hands – particularly our fingertips – are designed to be sensitive, so we can gather information about the world around us. Touching and being touched is erotic enough, but have you ever given or received a proper hand massage? Start off by holding your partner’s hand, palm facing up, in one of your hands. Use your other hand’s thumb to knead the fleshy part at the base of their thumb, then work your way up the thumb. Work from finger to finger, then run your fingertips gently from the tips of their fingers all the way up to the crook of their elbow.

Are there any we missed?