10 of the Best Things About Long Distance

LDR - I'm Loving It!!

Distance is hard, there’s no doubt about that. But there are some plus sides to being apart from your beloved.

1. You’ll become an expert at communication.

You’ll have to, really. Communication is the cornerstone of any lasting relationship, and when you can’t be there in person, communicating effectively is vital. By relying on phone calls, text messages, and Skype, you’ll find yourself picking up on subtle clues and better understanding your beloved. When you’re finally together again in person, you’ll be a finely tuned communication machine.

2. You’ll have time to pursue your own passions

One of the downfalls of being in a relationship – particularly a cohabitating relationship – is that your activities start to blend together. While it’s great to have things in common with your partner, it’s also important to pursue your own interests and passions. Being in a long-distance relationship means that you’ll have more time for yourself, so you can explore rock climbing, painting, writing, or weightlifting. Use the extra time to better yourself, and you’ll be an even better partner for it.

3. You’ll get really good at phone sex

Never underestimate the power of dirty talk, my friends. If you can’t be there to caress your partner in person, being able to effectively communicate your sensual desires is key. Not such a great orator? KIIROO can help. The Onyx+ and Pearl2 devices connect remotely to bring you and your partner close, even when you’re far away.

4. You won’t fall into a date rut

Since every visit is so special, you probably won’t find yourselves doing the same things over and over again. This also means that you can really go all out for your dates. As long as you budget well, you can splash some extra cash on something you’ll both love and remember forever.

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5. You’ll be great at creating care packages

It’s a proven fact: Everyone loves getting mail, and people especially love packages. Is your bae a coffee drinker? Send along a bag from a local roaster. I once received a flannel worn by my partner and spritzed with his cologne. The sky’s the limit, so get creative and show your partner some love!

6. You (might) get to travel more than you ever expected

Depending on how far apart you are, you might start to really rack up those airline miles. If you and your boo are separated by counties instead of continents, try exploring a nearby city together and having a little staycation. Separated by continents? Try planning a vacation where you meet in the middle. It might take some serious planning and budgeting, but a brand new experience with the person you love will make the preparation worth it.

7. You’ll be the first to adopt new ways of staying in touch

You’re probably going to be among the first in line for the latest messaging app, the newest social network, and hey, maybe even the latest in teledildonics toys. Staying in touch isn’t just a matter of convenience for you – it’s how you conduct your most cherished relationship.

8. You have time to miss your partner

I know, you wish you didn’t. But a study out of Haverford College and the University of Texas at Austin suggests that periods of separation can actually strengthen your bond. Missing your partner may actually be good for your relationship in the long term.

9. You’ll get to prove everyone wrong

Your relationship can last. You can persevere. You can come out of this even stronger and even more in love. And everyone who has ever told you that it won’t last will have to eat their words.

10. Your visits make everything worth it.

Enough said.

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