10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Tanya Tate

Adult pornstar Tanya Tate has made quite a name for herself in the adult entertainment industry between being an award-winning MILF and a famous cosplay participant with her very own superhero. Tanya Tate is definitely a multitasker, which she can credit for her incredible success. Here are a few things you might not know about Kiiroo’s very own star.

1. The adult pornstar Tanya Tate made her way into the adult entertainment industry in 2008 after wanting a change from her office job. Her stage name was inspired by her interest in comic books. She wanted to name herself like one of Stan Lee’s characters, with both initials being the same.

2. Tanya Tate is famous for her love of cosplay. She made her first appearance at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con as Emma Frost (Marvel Comics). Her site Justa Lotta Tanya is a cosplay-themed site she has run since 2011.

3. In 2013, Tanya Tate revealed her very own comic book character called Lady Titan. While there isn’t a comic book yet, there is a customizable Lady Titan vinyl figure available.

4. Tanya Tate broke into the adult entertainment industry after she released her “Tanya Tate’s Sex Tour of Ireland” where she traveled the countryside in a camper van and filmed pornography with Irish men. She made the headlines when it was discovered that one of the participants was a professional athlete from the Gaelic Athletic Association.

5. Not only has she won numerous awards for her MILF roles, but Tanya Tate has also had her hand in directing. Her first movie for was “The MILF Masseuse” in 2011. She has since directed a few movies including “Cosplay Queens And Tied Up Teens”, “Brit School Brats” and “Lesbian Family Affair”.

6. Tanya has been an advocate in the industry. She has spoken her mind on several topics including the mandatory condom and health permit initiative (2012), the new regulations imposed on online content in the United Kingdom (2014) and about the harmful availability of free porn (2014).

7. It seems like Tanya Tate never says no to a new project. She hosts a weekly show on Vivid Radio called “The Tanya Tate Show”. She also writes for Hollywood Gone Geek and is a columnist for First Comics News. She is also the owner and operator of the Public Relations from Star Factory PR.

8. Tanya Tate has been featured in documentaries, including a special Date My Porn Star from UK Channel 4 television and the documentary Aroused by Deborah Anderson.

9. Alongside her numerous videos, Tanya Tate has starred in several porn parodies, including “Game of Bones”, “The Incredible Hulk XXX” and “Iron Man XXX”.

10. Tanya Tate recently joined the Kiiroo team in April 2016 and has been providing interactive experiences to her fans ever since.

Written by:

Rebecca Dane from A Couple of Kinks