Top 10 Adult games on Steam

Steam up your life with these hot adult games

Gaming combined with steamy content: what’s not to love? Adult games are all the rage right now. And there’s good news if you have a Steam account. Some of the best adult games are found on this immensely popular gaming platform.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to check out the top 10 best adult games on the Steam store. Let’s get Steam-y!

1. House party

house party video game on steam

You’ve never been to a house party like this. Once you enter the party, you will meet all kinds of eccentric guests. Some of them are open to all sorts of naughty fun. But be careful: all your choices have consequences!

There are literally thousands of ways the night can play out in this crazy 3D adult game. If you’re lucky you can enjoy many different kinds of sexual rewards such as kissing, oral sex, multiple sexual positions with both men, women or multiple people at once!

2. AI Shoujo

AI Shoujo video game for adults on steam

We all dream of escaping our daily lives sometimes. AI Shoujo is an adult game that will leave you desperate for more. First you can design the woman you’ve always fantasized about. The game’s motto: “Bring your waifu to laifu!”

Once you’ve created your dream girl, there’s nothing left but enjoy this tropical paradise together. A palm tree filled beach is the perfect place for you to get cozy with a gorgeous girl.

3. Coming out on top

coming out on top video game on steam

Coming Out On Top is probably the best gay adult game on Steam! In a world where all men are gay, you are a college student. Just out of the closet and ready to enter the dating scene. You have witty conversations with hot dudes that might just lead you to some steamy hot action.

Coming Out On Top is prized for its humor, hot guys, great dialogue, and taste. No less than 18 sexy guys are available for you to date.

There are 6 long-form routes full of romance and hilarity which include 10 additional dates. Be sure to discover the one secret route! The beard and body hair options are customizable for all the guys.

4. Mirror

mirror adult video game on steam

This adult game is a dream come true for Bejeweled fans! In Mirror, you work your way through several levels of puzzles where you have to match up items that are similar. This way you’ll get points and clear the level.

But the real fun is seen next to the playing field in the form of some steaming hot girls. As you move your way through the game, you get to find out more and more about the gorgeous characters.

5. HuniePop

Adult video game on steam huniepop

If you’re looking for a hot dating sim puzzle game, look no further than HuniePop! The game starts off with you trying to date women from your hometown. You do this by engaging with them in a puzzle battle.

Here you try to clear the field by clicking on similar jewels. Success in the games means more and more hot images of the love interest.

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6. Sakura Dungeon

Sakura dungeon video game on Steam

You explore several ancient dungeons. But beware, because dangerous enemies are everywhere. Although these villains look more like hot waifu’s than actual demons.

It’s your job to capture these horrible monster girls. Brutal, I know, but somebody has to do it! There are over 50 different kinds of smoking hot monster girls. Can you catch them all?

7. Crush Crush

video game on steam Crush Crush

This dating adult game on Steam is completely free! In Crush Crush you are the hero who tries to woo different girls. The animations are not as great as with some of the other games in this list, but hey, it’s free!

8. Beach Bounce

beach bounce video game

Get ready for a hot and steamy summer romance with Beach Bounce. In this adult game on Steam, you have to help out your grandmother at her beach resort.

But then you meet all these hot staff members who work at the resort. You follow a multi-choice story that will lead you to a good or bad ending, depending on your choices. If you play your cards right, you’ll get to see some suggestive sex scenes with the hotties.

9. Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal

senran renewal video game

If you’re a fan of Ninja action games and hot girls, Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal is the game for you! This is not your typical dating simulation game.

Here, you have to fight battles with your fellow half-naked student ninjas to protect the innocent. In the dressing room, you can touch the characters. There are also censored scenes of nude characters. However, no explicit sexual content is shown in this game.

10. Treasure Hunter Claire

treasure hunter claire video game on steam

Treasure Hunter Claire is an adult game on Steam about, well, a treasure hunter named Claire. Tag along on exciting adventures with her where you have to battle dangerous enemies. Discover all the treasures and riches in this RPG game, featuring buxom witches, partial nudity, and mature humor.

Well, there you have it, folks. The 10 best adult games on Steam. Have these sexy games gotten you in the mood?

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