The Digital Sex Index

This is how we see these words

  • Accoutrement – an additional item of dress or equipment.
  • Anal – The insertion of something in an anus.
  • Automatic – when something happens without assistance.
  • Bluetooth – Wireless communication technology for data transfer.
  • Capacitive – Sensors to detect anything that is conductive or has a dielectric different from that of air.
  • Couple(s) Toy – sex toys for men and women to use together.
  • Cyber – A prefix for a wide range of existing words to form new, Internet-related flavors of existing concepts.
  • Cyberdildonic – Sex toys that connect over the internet.
  • Cyber Sex Toys – Sex toys that connect over the internet.
  • Clip Grip – A removable part of the Onyx device, used to hold the sleeve in the correct position.
  • Female – A person who identifies predominantly as feminine and uses she/her pronouns.
  • Female Ejaculation – Ejection of fluid (not urine), usually brought on by intense G-spot stimulation and orgasm.
  • G-spot – An area located a few inches inside the vagina containing many nerve endings; can be responsible for orgasm.
  • Interface – A location used for the display of responsive information on a surface.
  • KIIROO – A company existing at the intersection of intimacy and technology.
  • Lube – A shortened version of the word “lubrication’, meaning a liquid that reduces frixiton.
  • Male – A person who identifies as predominantly masculine and uses he/his pronouns.
  • Male Ejaculation – Ejection of seminal fluid (often containing sperm) usually accompanied by orgasm.
  • Masturbator – A sexual device for people with penises, meant to bring the user to orgasm.
  • Onyx – Cyber/Teledildonic male masturbator for feeling movement online.
  • Pearl – Luxury G-spot vibrator capable of controlling a KIIROO Onyx.
  • Pleasure Core – The system of internal rings inside every Onyx device.
  • Stimulation – Any action that causes a sensory response.
  • Tactile – Touch oriented.
  • Tactile Data – Information from haptic devices, that registers and replicates movement patterns.
  • Teledildonic – Sexual products capable of communicating across distances over the Internet
  • USB Cable – A wire used to connect two devices together for data or power transfer
  • Vibrator – A device containing a vibrating motor, usually made to stimulate erogenous zones
  • Web RTC – Stands for ‘Web Real-Time Communication’, that supports browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video chat, and P2P file sharing without the need of plugins.

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