Fleshlight Launch Review: Future Of Sex


Fleshlight Launch Review: Future Of Sex






Jon Pressick from the FutureOfSex.net has reviewed the Fleshlight Launch! The article is entitled “The Fleshlight Launch Review: Are You Ready for Liftoff?”

As Pressick points out at the beginning of the review, many pleasure product creators have focused on vaginal, clitoral or vulva stimulators, and for those craving penis pleasure, the options have been limited. Kiiroo and Fleshlight have made it so that “penis pleasure is ready to explode!” hence why we Lock.Lube.LiftOff with the Fleshlight Launch!

The lovechild of Kiiroo and Fleshlight’s flourishing partnership brings something new to the market. Kiiroo brought the technology and Fleshlight brought the sleeve. “Together they created the most significant penis-pleasure product that has ever been released.”

In terms of functionality, the Launch is simple and intuitive. Speed and length of the stroke can be controlled with a simple swipe. Pressick notes that the top speed of the Launch is fast.

When connecting to content, this is where the Launch truly shines. Due to the fact that the Launch captures both the depth and speed of what you see in the interactive content, it accurately mimics what you see on screen. Thus, giving you a visual and physical experience where you feel all of the motions and actions laid out by the performers.

If you would like to read the full review, click here.


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