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FeelAlexis Stroker

Have you ever wondered what it would Feel like to be like to be with Alexis Fawx?

What it would be like to Feel her every movement on you, in real-time? 

Enjoy an intimate experience with the Feel Alexis Fawx Stroker, Keon by KIIROO and our Arctic Cooling Lube.

The Feel Alexis Fawx Stroker was molded from her real-life body parts. You can Feel each exquisite detail of her anatomy replicated in our incredibly soft skin-like material, paired with a sleeve that is packed with ribs and bumps for your personal pleasure.

Use alone, or paired with the Keon by KIIROO for a mind-blowing interactive experience.

About the KEON by KIIROO

Embodying both innovation and design in a small, compact casing; KEON is the ultimate automatic Sex Toy for Men. 

Its ergonomic shape and intuitive grip control helps optimize your experience in limitless ways. All you need to do is let KEON unleash your fantasies without constraints. 

Capabilities of KEON by KIIROO include: 

  • The ability to connect with other KIIROO or FeelTechnology-enabled toys 
  • The ability to connect with 2D and Virtual Reality interactive adult content 
  • The ability to connect to interactive webcams 
  • The ability to reach speeds of up to 230 strokes per minute in its shortest, fastest mode.

FeelNew Refreshing Powder

Keep your KIIROO Feel Stroker Sleeves in mint condition with the FeelNew Refreshing Powder!

How to use:

1. Clean your stroker with warm water and KIIROO® Pure Premium Toy Cleaner (or another specialized toy cleaner).

2. Let your stroker dry completely. 

3. Once your stroker has dried, apply a little FeelNew refreshing powder

4. Put on the stroker's cap and store away in preparation for your next use! 

    FeelAlexis Texture Review

    If you are looking for a MILF-like experience... Look no further than FeelAlexis. This stroker starts off with a more open, wider chamber that has slightly swirling accents throughout, guiding you in further and allowing those of even larger girth to slide in easily. From there, it pinches back down into tighter rings that create a ribbed feeling which leads right into a bumpy massaging section. Following the bumpy area, you will find yourself leading into a subdued set of slightly tighter designs. Lastly, the internals will end in a set of long oval type shapes and they will massage you into the nubs at the end. Those final ending nubs create great tip play if you can reach them, and overall this toy gives you a looser feeling ribbed experience with a lot of nubs to gently massage your way to orgasm with.

    How to use the Keon
    Product Specifications

    Feel Alexis Fawx Stroker:

    Material Stroker: ABS, PC

    Material Sleeve: TPE

    Size: 220x84  SIZE GUIDE

    Weight: 800 grams



    Materials: ABS, PC, Silicone           

    Finish: 24 VDI + gloss

    Size: 220x130x146mm

    Weight: 1,1 Kg

    Battery: 16,8V 700 mAh

    Charging: 4 hours

    User time: 30 min-2 hours depending on usage

    What you get in the box
    • 1 x Feel Alexis Fawx Stroker
    • 1 x KEON by KIIROO
    • 1 x FREE FeelNew Refreshing Powder
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