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International Women's Day: Women killing it in tech

International Women's Day: Women killing it in tech

In a space that’s always been predominantly dominated by men, more and more women are leading the charge in technology. With it, they embody both a power and a tenderness that’s disrupting billion-dollar markets like a breath of fresh, spring air.

This International Women’s Day (and every other day), we salute them. But in order to raise awareness of the pioneering work women are doing in technology, it’s important to keep our finger on the pulse of the industry. So let’s get up to speed…

Closing the gender gap

Let us ask you this: can you name a famous female working in technology? A whopping 78% of UK students surveyed by pwc were unable to. The imbalance comes down to unconscious bias, systematic problems, and the old adage of the ‘network’ (or shall we say, networks women are less likely to be invited into).

The industry is slowly waking up to the fact that tech’s yawning gender gap probably begins in schools and continues through every stage of girls’ and women’s lives.

To attract more future female techstars into the space, early education and better promotion of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects in schools is needed.

With more than a quarter of female students reporting they had been put off a career in technology due to its male-dominated imbalance, it's crucial they’re given more information and inspiration about tech careers in order to create greater diversity within the sector.

Female founders and women in the workplace

While the following stats still aren’t bowling anyone over with “look how far we’ve come” glory, they prove that change (as small as it is) is occurring in the tech gender gap:

  • Women make up 28.8% of the tech workforce in the US, according to a 2020 study by the Institute. This is an increase from 2018 and 2019, when the same stats totted up to 25.9% and 26.2% respectively.
  • The amount of women in leadership positions has also increased, with 44% of companies having at least three women in executive leadership in 2021 (up from 29% in 2015). However, women still account for only 16% of senior level tech jobs.

These stats, in our opinion, also show the sheer guts - and the chops - of female leaders in tech. Imagine having the strength to lead your own company, in the face of investor bias, lower access funding (which dropped even further during the 2020 pandemic), and even pressure from family to stay in more stable jobs.

On top of all their achievements, this is another huge reason we need to applaud women in tech, while raising awareness of the disparities that have got to go.

keon by kiiroo

Women shaping the future of sex tech

Women have fought long and hard for their right to sexual expression and consumption. In the sex tech space, sex toys have revolutionized female pleasure.

Think oversized cucumbers made from unregulated materials (read our guide on how to choose safe sex toys), replaced with sleek and powerful clit vibrators. Then there was the adult entertainment revolution - porn made for women, by women, and focusing on female pleasure with real orgasms.

As leaders in the sex tech industry, we’re proud that women make up a strong percentage of our workforce at Kiiroo, pioneering in the creation of some of the most innovative sex tech available right now.

Take a look at Keon by Kiiroo - a luxurious ‘like-no-other’ automatic masturbator that can perform up to 230 strokes per minute. It can be paired with a partner's devices remotely or connected to interactive content and webcam shows.

More women in sex tech = better for all

And these steps forward also benefit men. Progression in women’s sexual wellness specifically has also influenced a more authentic, varied and joyful world of male sex toys and adult entertainment. Everyone’s pleasure matters.

For those in long-distance relationships or online dating, there are couples sex toys that allow partners to feel each other from the other side of the world. Plus, there’s more incentives for men to explore new masturbation techniques, as illustrated with the mind-blowing technology of Keon.

Synced up to VR erotic content, it offers all kinds of exciting new possibilities for the future of sex tech, replacing tired positions (and faking-it faces) with realistic pov angles and stronger sexual intimacy with performers.

Sex tech is our forte - and we continue to invite, support and empower women – and every gender – in a sector that should be wholly inclusive of everyone. Not only due to the aforementioned gender gap that still exists, but because more women in the industry means these positive advancements will continue to pave the way to a happier and healthier sexual wellness sector. And that is better for everyone.

Want to learn what’s next in the world of interactive pleasure? You’re in the right place. Look into the future of sex tech, and see what exciting innovation is happening right now.