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Collection: Female sex toys

Let our female sex toys send you to cloud nine and beyond. Put all the attention on your pleasure center or plump for a clit vibrator with added G-spot stimulation. Designed for you to reach orgasm with ease, our vibrators have touch-sensitive controls to deliver a wide range of thrumming sensations that’ll make your toes curl in ecstasy. Oh - and they’re completely interactive, making your deepest fantasies a delightfully immersive reality.


Current filters
Current filters
  1. Esca2
    Regular price
    Next-gen interactive wearable massager.
  2. Pearl2
    Regular price
    The interactive vibrator that hits the (G)spot.
  3. Fuse
    Regular price
    An interactive dual-stim vibrator for twice the thrills.
  4. Cliona
    Regular price
    The interactive clit stimulator that’ll leave you breathless.
  5. Lumen
    Sale price
    Regular price
    The interactive vibrating butt plug.