The Risky Dark - An Erotic Story

The Risky Dark - An Erotic Story

Adult Content and Lifestyle Expert Lenair Xavier gives us an amazing Erotic Story. This is his first Erotic Story for us. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

Being a go-go boy in a NYC gay bar, you will without a doubt either be witness to or be part of the fooling around happening amongst the other go-go boys. After all, males are visually stimulated creatures.

So of course, there will come a point when seeing a fit almost naked body is going to set off the libido. Sometimes resulting in a mutual attraction. Especially if in your professionalism, you haven’t had a release of that sexual tension within your 4 (or more) hours of being on the clock.

I must admit that I was no different in my days as a go-go boy. And I was pretty good at not having sex with other go-go boys or patrons while on the clock. Even when I was courted by a go-go boy while he was on the clock on a night that I was a patron, I never gave in.

That is until this one go-go boy came along who I’ll refer to as “Dig”.

We met at the gay bar one night when I went there as a patron but became a last-minute replacement go-go boy because of one canceling. This kind of thing happened so often that on my nights I was going as a patron. I started carrying either a thong or jockstrap with me as a precaution since I normally don’t wear underwear.

Anyway, I saw him at the end of the bar. Looking at his caramel skin and height close to mine. He only made himself sexier by being focused on making the best sexually enticing presentation of himself for the crowd. In short, he got sexier by doing the actual job of a go-go boy – being eye candy.

Near the end of the night, we got a little closer to each other on the bar we were dancing on. We looked at each other and started feeling on each other. The next thing I knew, we were making out. The crowd loved it. My initial thought had me wondering if he was really into me, or was it all a show for him. After we got off the bar, we finally chatted, and he revealed that the attraction was not a show. It was real.

We never exchanged information, like our phone numbers. We did, however, find each other again by chance through the gay hook-up site Adam4Adam. He would let me know if he was dancing at the bar beforehand. Racism in the gay community being what it is, he was booked way more than me. So we would hook up and have sex while he was on the clock.

You see, as Dig got comfortable in the space, he would visit the backroom play area of the bar on his break. And if I happened to be back there, I became the one with the butt whose cheeks ha had to get between every time. We would lock lips. Kiss for a bit.

He would soon turn me around, bend me over, pause so I could reach in my pocket for a packet of lube, put it on and in me, then on him, and in me his cock went. Between my hole’s tightness and the intensity of his orgasms, I could feel him throbbing inside me when he came.

If my recollection serves me right, this went on about once every other week for a couple of months. Then we had a misunderstanding and parted ways. Soon I hadn’t seen him at the bar for months.

One night, I was actually booked to be a go-go boy. I started during happy hour. The entire time I was wondering which dancers were going to show up to get on the bar with me when happy hour is over.

Who was the first dancer to arrive?... Dig.

He looked and smiled at me like the misunderstanding from months ago never happened.

In my 17 years out as a predominately gay bisexual, I have seen this “forgive-and-forget" behavior happen often with gay males, and I still don’t get it. So I decided that if he wasn’t going to hold a grudge, neither was I. Weird to not hold a grudge since we are both fire signs. But that astrological connection is also why the sex was so great.

I have always had great stamina for dancing. To the point that I wouldn’t get off the bar for a break until after about 2 hours. This night was no different. When I finally decided to get down for a bathroom break, I headed to the bathroom, but it was too occupied.

So I went to the other restroom. Knowing it was a risk because the other bathroom is where a lot of guys would crowd into like a clown car to have sex, both oral and anal.

As I walked towards that restroom, I saw Dig not too far ahead going to the same restroom. Based on our past times in crowded sex play spaces, it was going to be a real test if all was forgiven or not and if there were guys in there having sex.

It turns out there were many guys making out. Not having actual sex. But as soon as Dig turned around to position himself in that crowded restroom, he saw me and immediately started making out with me.

In our making out he reached behind me to squeeze my ass. So I in return massaged his crotch. As his cock was growing harder and harder, he pulled it out of his underwear and directed my head so I’d kneel and go down on him. Being reminded of my oral skills, he immediately got fully erect. He then pulled me back up and turned me around. I knew what was coming next.

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Since I came there knowing I was booked to dance, my usual carry along pouch with condoms and lube was still in my bag. So thick as he was, I knew my recipe for substance-free anal sex of Lube, Desire, Trust, Relax & Breath would still hold up in taking him inside me.

Even if the only lube available was spit; I without a doubt desired him; I was back to trusting him; which led me to relax; and so I took in a deep breath to let him inside me.

He started pumping away at me with everyone in that bathroom watching us. I often hate sex in such crowded spaces because many guys tend to live vicariously through your encounter. So much so that they put their hands in places they shouldn’t.

Like on the bottom’s butt, which gets in the way of the top making a full deep insertion of his penis. This time, however, that was not the case. This time, the guys watching touched me and Dig, but not in such intrusive places. Then they left us to go back to their original playmate and have full-on sex with them. It was like they just wanted a taste of our sexual energy to further inspire their tryst.

Dig got to the point of moaning so loud that I was sure that he came once he stopped. I never asked if he did though. We both just speeded out of that bathroom, then went back to the bar. I never made my trip to the bathroom to urinate because the erection Dig gave me put that liquid flow on hold.

Dig and I continued our night occasionally glancing at each other. It made me wonder what was next. How was this night going to end? Was that bathroom tryst it? Or was there more? I would get my answer after the bar closed.

After the bar closed, Dig and I stood outside chatting. Catching up on what had been going on with each other. Never mentioning the hot sex we had just a couple of hours earlier. That is until Dig said emphatically out of nowhere, “Oh my god, I’m still horny!”

I laughed it off for a bit, and since the bar was closed, instead of standing outside of it chatting, I suggested that we walk and chat. As we were walking, I began to wonder where we were walking to. Then I realized that while I’m the one who suggested walking, Dig was guiding where we were walking to. And the “to” was to find a dark spot on a street to have sex with me again.

We walked for a good while laughing about our search. Then I found a spot. It was down a stairwell to the basement of a building. But at the end of the staircase, where we would have sex, it was pitch black. Even for me.

You see, I have discovered that I have the usual ability to see in the dark better than most people. So if it was dark for me, then you know for sure it was dark.

I found it risky because with it so dark, in New York City, we didn’t know what was down there. I listened and heard no squealing or scrambling of rats. So I ruled that out as a possibility of being down there. So the only other concern was a homeless person possibly being down there. On this, I took the lead, which was only right since I’m the one who found this dark spot that was so risky.

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We both had backpacks on. I took mine off to put it in front of me in case there was someone down there. Dig walked closely behind me. When I got to the bottom of the steps, I lightly swung my bag in a way to seem as if it was only to sit the bag down, but it was actually to see if anyone was there.

Once it was obvious that there wasn’t, Dig came into the dark with me and dropped his bag. Due to having to feel for our own belt buckles and pants buttons, we didn’t have the pleasure of undoing each other’s. But I did find his penis and guided it to my hole.

He thrusted away at me. The darkness added something our past encounters didn’t give us. Our heightened sense of touch by being denied sight. I’ve always reached behind me to feel the flexing of both his butt and his muscular dancer thighs in our past trysts. But this time, I noticeably felt the sweat as it was accumulating on them because of his thrusts.

He came and by the end, we were both sweating like pigs. I noticed no one had walked pass on the street the entire time we had sex. As soon as I noticed that, I heard a combination of a woman’s high heeled shoes and the hard soles of male dress shoes walking overhead. Once they walked by, we came back up onto the sidewalk.

We then walked to the nearest train subway station. Letting the night air dry our sweat. Once at the train station, we parted ways. For we were going in the opposite direction of each other. We never saw each other again, except maybe once, but we were just cordial with each other, then proceeded with our individual nights. With that night now being a fun fond memory.

From this tale, you would think he would be a raging power top. Wrong. In fact, after all those encounters of him topping me, Dig has now become a big power bottom gay pornstar. And maybe I’m blowing my own horn, but it does leave me to wonder...

While he mentioned experimenting with bottoming when we met, did all my moans and verbalizations during our encounters make him really see the joy of bottoming? Making him wonder if he was missing something by not bottoming more often?

Well, I guess now he knows. And it might be a little thanks to me.

Written By

LeNair Xavier

LeNair Xavier has studied sex and sexuality by reading up on and observing various sexual behaviors. These observations has led to time in the gay porn industry, and now writing erotic poetry. Tales of his journeys leading to his growing sexual knowledge can be found on his blog, L’s X-Ray Vision.

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