Ode To A Pearl: A Sex Blogger’s Love Letter to the Kiiroo Pearl

Ode To A Pearl: A Sex Blogger’s Love Letter to the Kiiroo Pearl

My Love Letter to the Kiiroo Pearl

In the time before you were made I did not know your touch — could not envision how you would feel — and yet still I lusted after you.

You had a different name then. Your design was different. Formative. What drew me in was your concept — teledildonics.
The ability to translate my movements through you.

Before I even met you I had already assigned you a role.
You were to be my partner in crime; my greatest ally in long distance sensation.

Your capabilities would make the impossibility of touch through distance seem more tangible and bring me to the brink while tiptoeing on the edge of the gap between us.
A ripple in the water felt on distant shores. More than just seen. Experienced.

As I saw you evolve, oh how I lusted. Knowing your capabilities and the technology involved made me covet you more.

It was compatible with my phone.
It was compatible with my desires.

Eventually, it was mine.

Pearl2 sex toys for her kiiroo

Its packaging was immaculate — as if it were a special gift just for me.
Its pristine form sat elegantly inside and a card gave reference to the instructions online.
This was a detail I appreciated; an environmentally conscious company always gets me grinning with delight.

Its form was sleek and elegant. Its white body was perfectly accentuated by its black tip. A red ring united the two colors in a stylish unison. Its curvaceous form invited play.

Charging was crucial. There is a process to these things, after all. As I watched it gaining power I took to exploring it with eager fingers.

Stroking its white exterior I was greeted with a soft, matte exterior. Its shaft was firm, almost rigid, and yet there was a yielding warmth to it.
With each stroke, it felt as if the exterior of the shaft was stroking back.
Its curve lead my fingers to naturally trace upwards and made my heart skip with anticipation.

Once my Pearl was ready then so was I.

At first, I tried it alone. Turning it on I found its vibrations to be gentle and intimate—like a promised whisper of potential.

The vibrations intensified with each push of the button but never veered into overwhelming strength. They had never intended to. The focus was on the shared experience, not the all-consuming rumble of some other vibrators. Both have their place in the world and the Pearl was confident in occupying its own.

The arching form of the Pearl was familiar to me and yet also new. It had been designed, in part, by a good friend and I felt that loving touch in the shape of the Pearl and the way it cupped up against my G-Spot.

Thrusting the Pearl gently felt like a rolling wave of approval. The shaft of the Pearl facilitated my arousal as I indulged in a moment of complete self-love.

In time I went digital.

Some people might wish to thrust the Pearl straight into them — a valid expression of excitement and desire—but I had known the form of the Pearl both on my hands and inside of my body and I knew I wanted to explore more.

When I was linked with my lover I took up the Pearl and I brought it close to my mouth. Nuzzling it, I soon wrapped my lips around it and (to my elation) found that my motions were indeed reciprocated in real time.

This allowed me the chance to make a show of my motions while also maintaining an intense gaze. Eye contact conveyed my approval while the shaft of the Pearl moved in and out of my mouth—sugar-coated with oral lubricant for our mutual enjoyment.

I heard him moan. I knew it was time to explore more.

The Pearl’s own curves were perfectly unified with my own as I slid it down my body. Occasionally I felt the Onyx judder as it picked up some residual moment and I chuckled. What came next was what sealed my affection for this technologically advanced tool of eroticism.

Thrusting has its place in the world but it has never been my preferred motion. The disparity of this and use of the Pearl hadn’t registered with me at first but little did I know I had nothing to worry about.

Rubbing the Pearl up against my vulva I heard my partner let out an approving ‘ooh’. As I ground myself up against it, letting it caress my clit. It translated the motion to his shaft while simultaneously pleasuring me and allowing me to slide another toy into my vagina too—the ultimate show.

In that moment the Pearl transformed our connection into something else. It changed how I approached sex toys and allowed me to become a performer delighting in a moment of sheer sexual exhibitionism and intimacy.

And so I write this article—an ode to a Pearl—trying to articulate the experiences that it provided me with and that it might provide to others.

But words are only so useful and perhaps to truly understand the Pearl one must return to its namesake—the immaculate, curving form of the pearl itself. An object so iconic in its links to grace and purity of experience that there really is no better representative of the vibrator itself.

And so I end my ode to a Pearl, knowing that this glimpse into our time together is, like the brief opening of an oyster shell, just a preview of Pearl’s true potential and how it might touch you.

Written by:

Dr. Emmeline Peaches
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