Join the Official Kiiroo Discord Server

Join the Official Kiiroo Discord Server

KIIROO Launches Official Discord Server

We have launched our official Discord Server for all our remote partners using KIIROO teledildonic toys. For a while, we noticed people have been using the medium of Reddit to search for remote partners they would like to connect with.

Last year, the even reported on the use of sex-tech for remote connections on Reddit. Whilst this worked well for some people, we know that many of you connect from different countries and time-zones, which made coordinating virtual sex pretty difficult in real-time.

KIIROO toys are two-way interactive, which means you can hook up with partners for virtual sex, or simply let them control your toy. This means that even if you don't own a KIIROO toy yet, you can still join our server and connect with those who do. If you are lucky enough to own a KIIROO toy, then you can look for someone with a corresponding toy to connect with.

To make things a little easier, we decided that the Discord server would be the perfect option. With many of our users already familiar with Discord for gaming and chatting, it seemed like a great way to connect a community of people from all over the world. Now the world of remote sex toys is open to the 45 million Discord users worldwide.

Benefits of Remote Connection

The idea of remote connection has always been fascinating. Nowadays, our mobiles and computers can be a common place for securing intimacy, love and facilitating our dating routines.

According to the PEW Research Centre, nearly 35% of adults now use online dating tools like Tinder, Hinge and Bumble. It seems technology is now firmly embedded in our social lives.

The virtual sex scene is less reliant on looks and like-approval as the rest of the dating world seems to be. Rather than getting judged on your appearance almost instantaneously, the world of remote connection is anonymized. This means that interactions can often be more meaningful and engaged; based on what you say rather than your profile.

If you are someone new to the scene, then you might find the anonymity comes as a blessing-in-disguise at first. Gone are the days when you need to blush because you have asked for what you want in the bedroom. Virtual sex makes learning about your body, sexuality and masturbation that little bit easier.

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Virtual Games

Remote connections aren’t always about straight up virtual sex. There are a number of games you can play using KIIROO toys. From edging, giving up control, orgasm denial and using our wearable vibrator like Esca2 for on-the-go-fun with your remote partner.

The possibilities are endless, and we even made this document here for you to learn more about the remote BDSM scene. If you would like anything to add, please drop us a line on Reddit or Discord.

Stamina training has never been so erotic or fun, since you can now let a remote partner do it for you. If you are knew to the idea of stamina training, you can check out the definition on the Virtual Sex document we created. We included some useful blogs from over the years that may help you out.

Edging can be a great way to relax and unwind when your week is over. It’s even better when you get someone to do it for you. If you own a KIIROO male masturbator, like KEON, Onyx+ or TITAN, then head over to our Discord to find a remote partner.

Female masturbation has never been so fun either. Why should you be the one to choose your vibration patterns? Use the FeelConnect app to give feedback to your partner and let them know when you are about to climax.

FeelConnect App

Use the discord to find a remote partner and then add them on the FeelConnect app. When we upgraded our app last year, we wanted to make it easier for users to find multiple partners. Feel free to check out our video and voice feature, if you would like to get intimate with a view.

We are always looking for suggestions on how to improve our app and the virtual sex experience. In our Discord server, we have created a FeelConnect channel for you to discuss your thoughts and experiences whilst using FeelConnect.

You can also contact the moderator of our Discord directly, or on Reddit.

To join our Discord Server, click here.

If this link has expired please go to the right hand side of our Reddit page to find the most up to date link!


  1. Download the Discord app on your phone or desktop. You can find the main page with download links here.

  2. After downloading the app, you will need to create a profile and account for Discord. You will be required to verify your email address in order to become a member of the KIIROO Discord.

  3. Search for ‘KIIROO CONNECT’ on the Discord main site, or use this link here to join automatically.

If this link has expired please go to the right hand side of our Reddit page to find the most up to date link!