How to Achieve a Hands-Free Orgasm

How to Achieve a Hands-Free Orgasm

How to cum hands free?

A hand-free orgasm, in short, is an orgasm that doesn't involve your hands. Or your partner's hands. And while there are no hard-and-fast rules for precisely what qualifies as a hands-free orgasm, it can be thought of as any method of sexual stimulation which doesn't involve physically touching your naughty bits.

It doesn't necessarily mean the hands-free ejaculation or hands-free cum means an orgasm. This leaves the hands-free orgasm open to interpretation. This is a good thing as it gives you a chance to explore new avenues of sexual pleasure, and keeps things interesting and fun.

Types of hands-free orgasms

So if there's no touching allowed, what else can you do?
Thankfully, the hands-free rule still leaves you with plenty of options!

Here's a few of the more popular ones you can try, either on your own or with a partner:

  • Explore your erogenous zones
  • Dry humping - otherwise known as bumping and grinding your way to orgasm
  • Brush up on your sexting skills and dirty talk and try to take your partner over the edge
  • Kegel exercises to work your pelvic floor muscles
  • Physical stimulation with sex toys
  • Erotic hypnosis that leads to exploration of sexual fantasies
  • The spontaneous sleep orgasm
  • Tantric deep breathing techniques
  • Sex meditation - yes, it's really a thing!

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The Zen of orgasms

More often than not, orgasms are thought of as the result of direct sexual stimulation. But they don't have to be. You can even take a hands-free orgasm to the opposite extreme and try a touch-free orgasm.

While this may sound bizarre and counter-intuitive it's worth remembering that sex starts in the brain. It's often been called the major sex organ for just this reason.

Contrary to popular belief, mind-blowing mental orgasms can be achieved by both sexes. Don't believe us? Try watching your favorite pornstar or have your partner talk dirty to you while resisting the temptation to join in. The sexual tension can build swiftly like a high-pressure cooker and sooner or later that sexual energy will quite literally blow the roof!

How to achieve your first hands-free orgasm

Part of the fun of the hands-free ejaculation and orgasms is in coming up with creative ways to enjoy it.

So where do you begin? With touching off-limits and only a handful of ideas on the table, it can be a real brain-teaser.

We recommend you start with understanding your goals for the hands-free orgasm.

This is more about exploring what turns you or your partner on than racing to the finish line. Take your time, try out new things, and aim to reach a heightened state of sexual arousal.

This will set the stage and will put you in a receptive mood that will eventually carry you over the edge, without any physical intervention on your part.

You can also use edging to get a feel for the sensation of nearing the brink of orgasm. OK, so you're using your hands early on for this one, but no rules, remember? If it works for you it's all good and you can use this technique as a way to become aroused if you are struggling to get started.

Here are 5 ideas on how to cum without hands:

1. Turn on the taps

Water play can be a fun way to explore the hands-free orgasm. Use the water pressure from the showerhead or taps to stimulate various parts of your body.

Zero in on the sensation of touch from the jet of water and feel the sexual energy start to well up. Vulva owners should take care not to spray water directly on the vagina, although stimulating the clitoris and surrounding regions is perfectly fine.

2. Try orgasmic breathing techniques

The breath is intimately connected to the sexual experience and can be intentionally used to achieve sexual pleasure.

Orgasmic breathing can help you connect to the flow of sexual energy and even draw out your orgasm for what might seem like an eternity.

This neat trick may take a little practice but it can be fun to learn and can lead to waves of pleasure coursing through your body.

3. Pleasure your partner with oral sex

This may blur the lines for some but keeping oral sex strictly oral is the key to making it hands-free. Leaving the hands aside and focusing on the sensations from the lips and tongue can produce powerful orgasms.

This is something that can be just as stimulating for the person giving oral sex as the one receiving it. While you can’t practice this one alone you can imagine the sensations you would feel if you were with a partner or include a healthy amount of oral sex play in your sexting sessions.

You can also explore other parts of your partner's body and try to bring them to orgasm purely by focusing on the erogenous zones, rather than just the sex organs.

4. Spice things up with sex toys

Not using your hands opens up a world of possibilities for using sex toys to achieve a hands-free orgasm.

The simplest technique is to use anything that feels good as an extension of your hands - so silk ties or whips can be brushed softly against the skin or used in nipple play, or your partner can use a vibrator to stimulate you to orgasm.

But the fun doesn't have to stop there.

Male masturbators and remote-controlled wearable sex toys have totally changed the rules of the game when it comes to achieving a hands-free cumshot. It's now possible to control your partner's toy from a distance or from your phone, and remotely pair your devices so you both share the same rhythm and pressure at the same time, all of which can add an entirely new dimension to the sexual experience.

Sex toys like the Lumen can give you a male prostate massage. Your partner can control the intensity in which it will stimulate your prostate.

5. Use suction cups to explore penetration fantasies

If you're feeling adventurous and want to try different ways to explore penetration, you can try using suction cups. These devices are attached to a dildo at one end and can be stuck to a wall, bathtub, chair, floor - just about anyplace you can think of!

You could even try having multiple suction cups positioned in such a way as to simulate group sex, which many people find to be an incredible sensation.

Wrapping up

The hands-free orgasm is all about feeling good. Once you get the hang of it you'll likely come up with your own scenarios and techniques that can be used to play out your sexual fantasies or surprise your partner with.

Use these tips as a starting point to explore new avenues of sexual pleasure and learn more about your body and what turns you on.

You'll be surprised at just how pleasurable an orgasm can be when you leave the digits aside.


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