Alternatives to Expensive Lingerie

Alternatives to Expensive Lingerie

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

- Thomas Haynes Bayly

It’s been a while since you’ve been in each other’s arms. You’ve got everything set down to the last detail but one thing is just a little out of reach. You see each other every night when you FaceTime but seeing each other in person is different. You want to have something sexy to wear for when you find yourselves alone.

Some of us tear into one another as soon as we have privacy and could care less what the other person has on, but there are some of us who want every detail to be just right. There’s just one little lingerie can be incredibly expensive!

The question then becomes how can you spend so much money on something that is worn for such a short amount of time? If you live away from your partner that time between wearing expensive lingerie is greater. If you’ve already paid for travel expenses and are on a tight budget, an expensive piece of lingerie just doesn’t make sense.

Here are a few ideas that we think will have your partner’s head-turning while staying well within a limited budget.

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His Dress Shirt

The idea of wearing one of his button-up shirts is nothing new nor is it a groundbreaking discovery. Wearing one of his dress shirts though is incredibly sexy and an immediate turn on. His shirt paired with a skimpy pair of underwear or nothing else will have you both turned on in no time.

With a few buttons undone and exposing just enough flesh, he’ll be turned on and ready to undo the buttons to see what’s hidden beneath. We really cannot tell you what makes such a mundane item so incredibly sexy.

Some women love the lingering smell of their partner that remains on the collar. Men will enjoy seeing their clothing in a whole new light and will be turned on each time they slip that shirt on for work. The best part of it all is that this sexy idea costs nothing at all, it’s budget-friendly. Almost every man has at least one button-up shirt in their closet, take it out next time you want to have a little fun.

A Necktie

That’s it, folks. Just a tie and a smile. Julia Roberts’ character in Pretty Woman surprised Richard Gere with a simple but very effective line. “How was your day dear?” Wearing nothing but a simple necktie leaves very little to the imagination but it lets your partner know that you have one thing on your mind...them.

Most men already have a tie or two in their wardrobe but if they don’t have one, fear not. Neckties are found for a bargain at many retailers and if you do a simple search on a very well known internet retailer you’ll be able to find a high-quality tie that will serve its purpose for an incredibly low price.

As was the case with one of his shirts, a necktie can still have his lingering scent and he’ll never be able to get the sight of you in his tie out of his mind. He’ll have a hard time tying a Windsor knot the next time he pulls that tie out. Bonus points for those of you brave enough to wear a simple bow tie!

A T-Shirt

While maybe not as sexy as a dress shirt or the aforementioned tie, a T-shirt can be sexy in ways that can be frequently missed. If the T-shirt is tight-fitting it will drive any “boob man” absolutely crazy.

If you decide not to wear a bra underneath, your partner will be driven wild that much faster. Try walking around in one of his T-shirts without anything else while the two of you prepare for a day together and see how long they can keep their hands off of you. Offering just a subtle peek while you reach for a cup for your coffee or while you’re making breakfast will be quite the welcome distraction.

Affordable Lingerie

There is absolutely no guarantee that the most expensive piece of beautiful lingerie will do anything more to him than a bargain piece found online. If your budget is stretched incredibly thin so that you can make this in-person visit, spending on expensive luxury lingerie set just doesn’t make sense.

A simple search on the internet will turn up many different types of lingerie pieces and lingerie brands, attractively priced at or below twenty dollars and your partner won’t be able to tell the difference. Great style without the guilt of spending too much on an item that may not get much use. An added bonus to this lingerie is that you can still wear it during Facetime sessions.

Get Creative!

Be creative about what you are going to wear for your special someone! If you have a raincoat that is full length, surprise your partner by wearing nothing underneath. When you open the coat they will absolutely love what they find.

If you have an apron you can wear that and a sexy pair of heels while you prepare your dinner for two. Have a little fun together and wear your dessert as a delicious and very sexy treat. If your partner has a favorite sports jersey, consider tossing it on with little to nothing else on underneath. If you have an old sexy Halloween costume laying around, toss it on and give them a treat!

One thing to keep in mind when planning your visit is that your partner will be very excited to see you in person. While you are focused on making every little detail just right, their sights are set on you. No matter what you decide to wear or not wear, it will matter very little in the end. We’re often so wrapped up on the little details that we forget about what matters most. Make the most of the limited time you have with your partner and remember that there are a number of ways to catch their eye while staying within your limited budget.



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