Common Sexual Fantasies

Common Sexual Fantasies

Common Sexual Fantasies

A sexual fantasy can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like it to be. Just imagining having sex with your partner is a sexual fantasy as well. Whatever the setting, sexual fantasies are thoughts that, in some way, people find to get themselves sexually aroused.

Some fantasies are quite common, such as having a threesome or engaging in BDSM. There are some types of common sexual fantasies out there and some people have more than one fantasy. Sometimes a random sexual thought will just pop up in your head. At work, while riding the subway, or when running into someone you find attractive. Different scenarios in real life can help trigger your imagination.

Sometimes, you willingly craft your very own imaginary porn production, lost in the maze of your own creative mind. This can make your masturbation sessions all the more intense and exciting.


Maybe you feel embarrassed about your sexual fantasies. But there is no shame in having naughty daydreams. Indulging in sexual fantasies has numerous benefits.

For one, they make you feel good and in control. We don’t always have control over what happens in our lives. And that can be pretty frustrating and scary. But in a special place in our imagination, we run the show. Also, sex starts in your mind. By getting in the mood with a juicy sexual fantasy, you will be all the more amped up when you engage in actual physical sex.

Another big advantage of sexual fantasies is that they allow you to become more familiar with your sexuality and the things that turn you on. The things you fantasize about can reveal a lot about your personality. For example, extroverted people are more likely to imagine group sex and polyamory. Or people with a very caring introverted personality are less likely to fantasize about BDSM or a dom/sub relationship like findom.


So goodbye, crippling shame! Hello, sexy daydreams! Embracing your sexual fantasies is a healthy decision that you can make today.

Accepting yourself (kinky mind and all) will give you incredible peace of mind. Don’t hold back when you’re fantasizing during masturbation. Let your imagination run wild. As long as it's completely safe. The result will be that you’re a happier, more satisfied person.

If embracing your sexual fantasies is difficult for you, remember that it’s completely normal and healthy to have sexual thoughts. Everybody does. Plus, you never have to share them with anybody, if you’re not comfortable with that. Your mind is your personal safe space where anything you want can happen. Don’t be ashamed to enjoy the richness of your imagination.


Your significant other should be the person you feel comfortable to share anything with. Right? Unfortunately, sex fantasies are often not talked about. Even between lovers.

Some people view fantasizing about someone other than your partner as cheating. Therefore, they won’t talk to their significant other about their sexual fantasies. Some people only like to think about being submissive or dominant in their sexual encounters. They have no intention of actually going through with it.

So, if you’re in a long term relationship, why not give it a shot! Tell your partner all about the naughty things that turn you on. They will get to know you on a whole new level. And, best-case scenario, you get to act out your amazing sexual fantasy with the hottest person in the world: your significant other.

When you share your sexual fantasy, your partner will be more inclined to share theirs as well. This will drastically increase the level of intimacy between the two of you.


And what about all the single people out there? You might not be in a relationship right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun!

Using a steamy sexual fantasy will take your masturbation game to the next level. Your sexual fantasies can teach you a lot about your sexuality. Which can come in handy when you’re in the dating scene looking for a partner. Only when you know yourself, will you truly open up to someone else.

The next time you have sex with someone, you might even try to act out your ultimate sexual fantasy. But until that time, you can just enjoy it by yourself.

We hope you’ve become inspired to let your imagination run wild tonight while you give yourself some love. Enjoy!


Everyone has a dirty mind. Literally everyone. All men and women, deep down, have some pretty kinky sexual fantasies. Yup, even your prude aunt Rita.

While a lot is known about some of the most popular fantasy ideas of men, less is commonly known about women’s sexual fantasies. Unfortunately, most women will not likely share their secret sex fantasies, even with their partners.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 5 most common women’s sexual fantasies. We are all aware of dirty talk, using sex toys or role-playing in your sex life. You ladies might recognize a few of your own favorite sex fantasies or sexual desires. For you, gents, these might serve as an eye-opener.

Although every woman is, of course, unique and most likely has her own specific sexual fantasies. There are some scenarios that are guaranteed to make the majority of us ladies flood our basement.


It’s often said that sex is all about control. That’s why it’s no surprise that dominating or being dominated is a very common female fantasy. Time to get your 50 shades on!

The domination fantasy can work both ways. It would surprise you how many women would love to be tied-up, dominated and taken. To have the man be in total control over her. To basically act as his sex slave just for the night. This can be extremely exciting.

At the same time, a lot of women fantasize about being the one who dominates. Ordering their man to perform acts of sexual pleasure. Or even making him beg for doing so. This might give you an ego boost like never before!


Many women experience a rather conservative romantic life with a monogamous long-term relationship.

This is why it’s so hot to fantasize about having casual sex with a complete stranger. If you’ve ever watched porn (and I’m assuming you have), you know just how thrilling this scenario can be. Whether it’s a pizza delivery guy, a plumber or just a random hot dude on the street asking for directions.

It’s all about that urging I-don’t-care-let’s-have-sex-right-fricking-now-feeling. That dirty feeling of being so horny you could care less that you don’t know the guy's name. You just want to get it good and get it now. The idea that afterward you both just leave and never see each other again is also a major turn-on for women, considering it’s so different than the real life most of them are used to.


Another quite common female fantasy is having sex in a public place. This scenario can take place just about anywhere. In a dressing room, a bathroom stall, or behind the bushes in the park.

The reason this fantasy is so popular usually has to do with the thrill of breaking the law. Of doing something you’re not supposed to be doing. Add to that the fear of getting caught by a random bystander and the excitement goes through the roof!

Just as with the sex-with-a-stranger-fantasy, imagining doing it in public is hot because of the urge aspect. You don’t care that someone might hear or see you. You don’t care that you might scrape your lower back on some bricks. All you want is to rip each other’s clothes off with not a second to waste.


Don’t mind a third wheel joining the party? If you’re a woman, there’s a good chance that, sometime in your life, you’ve fantasized about partaking in a threesome. Whether it’s with a man and another woman or with two guys (a devil’s three-way), it’s unmistakably a naughty and exhilarating thought.

Many straight women fantasize about having sex with another woman. You don’t have to be a guy or a lesbian to appreciate the hotness of a Sofia Vergara or a Kate Upton. So maybe you secretly dream about getting it on with your man and a hot chick in the middle.

On the other hand, a lot of women secretly fantasize about being fought over by two eager men. Some ladies might play this scene out in their heads as being very gentle and erotic. Others go crazy for the thought of hardcore, porn-like sex with two dudes.


There aren’t many professions that are more looked down upon than that of a stripper. That’s why imagining being one, makes for such a naughty and irresistible scenario for women.

Imagine being adorned in smoking hot lingerie and sky-high heels, walking confidently around a high-end club and giving a lap dance to a rich daddy who shoves a 100 dollar bill in your panties. Did it just get hot in here?

The beauty of all these sexual fantasies is, of course, that they don’t necessarily ever have to become a reality. That’s why women can make them as wild, crazy and dirty in their mind as they like. Nobody needs to know except you and your vibrator.


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