Please note thats our Desktop platform only works with Onyx and Pearl devices. We recomend to download the Feel Connect app for your Smartphone.


How to Configure KIIROO with Bluetooth

Tips and advice for a smooth experience on desktop.

All teledildonic devices made by KIIROO are Bluetooth compatible, making them some of the most advanced pleasure products on the market. Due to their wireless connections, they are easily portable and simple to use, with no limits to where or how you can use them.

KIIROO strives to make the best devices, to work with the most advanced smart technology available at the moment. In order to have to the best experience with KIIROO, it is advised you use the highest quality of services and materials such as high-speed internet and 4.0 dongles (though it is possible to use with 3G and regular desktop Bluetooth).



Onyx and Pearl are a unique pair of toys. Not only are they the first touch-sensitive devices to work in sync, they are also wireless, using Bluetooth and internet connections through KIIROO’s exclusive video chat program. This implementation of advanced, smart technonolgy also means that some services are not yet compatible.

For instance, there have been errors with Bluetooth dongles which are not powerful enough to work consistently with desktop. Our software requires Bluetooth devices using the Microsoft stack (aka Winsock). Some Bluetooth devices make use of other Bluetooth stack (e.g. Broadcom/ WIDCOM, BlueSoleil, Toshiba).  Currently our software does not support them.

There have also been updates with older versions of Windows 7, which you are required to install meet the demands of KIIROO sevices, as well as many other types of software.


For the best experience with KIIROO devices, we advise using technology of a high quality to support the system. This will ensure that connections are as fast as possible, and consistently working to a high standard that we expect.

For this reason, KIIROO devices are not compatible with Windows Vista or any previous versions. Instead, the devices are compatible with Windows 7 and onwards. Windows has released many versions of 7 and 8 since the initial release in July 2009, and some systems may require updates. For optimal service, we advise using Windows 7 Enterprise as a minimum, because it supports all features required to KIIROO.

NOTE: We do not support Windows RT (part of Windows 8) as the system was designed solely for the use of Windows Surface Tablets.

Below is an example of the features for Windows 7 Operating System.

This is a small indication of the amount of updates required for Windows 7 to work efficiently.

Microsoft Updates > See on Wikipedia >

Bluetooth Dongle

The market for Bluetooth Dongles is vast, with many devices sold in all shapes and sizes. Make sure you get a good one! It is an investment that is well worth the money, as many other devices require Bluetooth to connect. If you are not sure which ones are good, we have given two examples below. If you choose to purchase another dongle, we advise that you buy a branded device, in the region of $20+, as these come with extensive user information, extra customer support and sometimes a good warranty.

Desktop OS

All Operating Systems (OS) are required to update on a regular basis, in order to improve compatibility with other services and guarantee your security. The two main OS available, Windows and Apple, have different methods of updates, which you should familiarise yourself with.We advise that you check back with your OS home website regularly, to make sure you have not got an outdated system. The recommended updates are always easy to install and should not take long to install.  It is worth your time!

Internet Connection

It is important that you use a high-speed internet connection, and your tech is set up correctly. A slow connection would be in the region of 25Mb/s, and fast can be anywhere up to 500Mb/s. Ensuring you go for faster speeds, as well as good quality hardware, will guarantee you a better experience with all online activities.We advise you do your research before purchasing an internet package from your service provider, as a wide variety of companies offer similar deals.

Cirago 4 Dongle

SMK Link Dongle


  • Enhanced Data Rate – EDR for faster data transfer
  • Low Energy – Lower energy consumption
  • More Secure – AES Encryption for improved security
  • Low Latency – Connect to devices quickly
  • Backward Compatible – Bluetooth 1.1/1.2/2.0/3.0
  • 82 ft. transmission range
  • 3 times faster data transmission for up to 3.0 Mbps

Available on Amazon


  • BTA8000 A10 version (‘A10’ is engraved on the dongle): Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP; Mac OS
  • BTA8000 A6 version (no engravement): Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP
  • Standard Bluetooth 4.0 + Smart Ready
  • Driver Motorola (A6) / Harmony (A10)
  • Operating Range 82 Feet
  • Operating Frequency 4GHz~2.4835GHz ISM Band
  • Transmitter Power +6 dBm
  • Power Supply USB Powered, 5V
  • Warranty 1 year

Available on Amazon


Price: ~$29
Features: USB RF Receiver Dongle
Features: Penny size
Features: Bluetooth v4.0 with EDR technology
Features: Connects up to 7 Bluetooth devices
Product name: VP6495 Nano Dongle Bluetooth V4 USB 2.0 LE+EDR Win
Product model: VP6495
Product type: Bluetooth Adapter

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Bluetooth standard: Bluetooth 4.0
ISM band: Yes
UNII band: No
ISM max freq.: 2.40GHz
Indoor antenna range: 80ft
Wireless transmission speed: 24Mbps
Host interface: USB
Form factor: External
Warranty: 1 Year
Device Supported: Desktop computer
Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

Available on Amazon