Why Sex Toys for Men are the Next Big Thing

May 30, 2014

Vibrators already enjoy a somewhat mainstream status, but what about adult sex toys for men? Why is there more stigma? At KIIROO, we don’t believe there should be. Everyone should have a fulfilling sex life, and adult cyber toys can help.

It’s estimated that about 1 in 7 relationships exist over long-distance. For most people, a healthy sex life is part of a healthy, happy relationship. But it’s hard to have a sex life when you’re separated by hours or even time zones, and video chat sessions can only go so far.

Male Masturbators

Currently, the most realistic male masturbator on the market is Fleshlight. Their toys are wonderfully designed, and according to devotees of the brand, it feels as close to “the real thing” as one can get. But we wanted to take things a step further.

The KIIROO Onyx was designed to feel as much like real penetration as possible. Its contracting and expanding rings mimic the muscles inside a vagina. These rings expand and contract according to movement made by a corresponding device, either a KIIROO Pearl or another KIIROO Onyx. In layman’s terms, this means that instead of creating the sensation yourself by moving your arm or your pelvis, your partner actually creates the sensation for you, just like in-person, skin-on-skin sex. You can literally feel your partner from miles away.

Luxury Male Sex Toys

What brands like Lelo, JimmyJane, Cobra Libre, and We-Vibe did for female vibrators, we’re doing for male masturbators. We aren’t just focused on making the internal technology as advanced as possible: We’ve also created something that looks and performs like a luxury product. The KIIROO Onyx is enclosed in a sleek, stylish case. From the outside, there’s no indication that it’s an adult sex toy. You can leave it on your nightstand with little fear of it drawing attention.

We think it’s time to end the stigma, and start enriching long-distance sex lives. What about you? Will you join us?

Sarah Nitchkey

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