Valentine's Day Gift Guide

February 01, 2019

kiiroo valentine's day gift guide

7 Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is almost here. And why not get yourself or your partner a device for the holidays!

For the Singletons

ohmibod fuse kiiroo

Fuse is a dual-stimulating, touch-sensitive vibrator that will make you crave for  endless hours of alone time. If you want to have your own little party this Valentine's Day, Fuse will help you do it!
Are you ready to light up your life?'"
Titan by Kiiroo valentine's day gift guide
Titan gives you options, and we like options! Sit back and enjoy the vibrations going upppp and downnnn, upppp and downnnn OR use your hand to stroke, we guarantee it will ignite a fire within your soul!
Don't spend Valentine's Day with your hand! Spend it with TITAN


For the Passionate lovers

onyx2 pearl2 kiiroo valentine's day

What is the best way to describe your love life? Is it hot and steamy?
So passionate that you can't keep your hands off each other?
But, unfortunately, you have to, because your partner moved away :(

You can still keep the fire burning with KIIROO Onyx2 and Pearl2 Couple Set.
Set your Long Distance Relationship ablaze.

There are so many ways to play when you are together. 
But Now, when you are apart, having sex finally becomes exciting! You learn more about your body while pleasing your partner from a distance.

Need I say more?



For the Tech Enthusiasts

tech enthusiasts fleshlight launch kiiroo

When we say there are so many ways to play, we are not joking!
Spend your Valentines day being immersed in the action with your favorite star.
Is it Romi Rain? Is it Tanya Tate? Is it Lisa Ann? Or what about Ryan Driller?
Pick your favorite erotic video. Put on your VR Goggles. Sit back and enjoy the Fleshlight Launch!
You can literally experience everything that is happening around you.

Let fantasy take control of your reality this Valentine's Day.  

For the person who wants options

ohmibod esca kiiroo valentine's day

Do you like being naughty? Do you like to experiment while you are on the go?

Do you like music?

If you answered YES to all of these questions then Esca is for you this Valentines Day!

Esca is a remote control vibrator that will light up your night. Looking for something a little more discrete, the added functionality on Esca lets you turn the light off, so you can wear it wherever you please!

If you are into app controlled play, that's awesome!
Let your lover drive you wild from wherever they may be!

Or perhaps you are more of a #GoodVibes kind of person?
Put on Spotify and let the music take your breath away this valentines day.

For the Busy Traveler

cliona by kiiroo valentine's day

Are you always on the move? Traveling a lot for work?

Cliona is the perfect travel companion!
Just slip this ultimate clit vibrator in your bag.
Whenever you are in need, Cliona will always be waiting!

The battery life is impeccable and will be ready for any time you are in need of a little quickie this Valentine's Day.

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