The safest platform for long distance relationship intimacy

July 20, 2015

the safest platform for long distance relationship intimacy kiiroo

Before innovations in teledildonics, intimacy was problematic for long distance relationships. Now, though KIIROO’s luxury devices are providing safe and sensual experiences for couples looking for intimacy when apart.

Even if you’re worlds away, you can utilize our technology to feel a real connection, as if your partner were right there in front of you.Not only are KIIROO devices painstakingly designed to provide the most realistic and enjoyable experience possible, they come with a software platform to ensure the utmost security in online play, so you never have to worry about anyone peeking in on your private moments.

Connect Direct, Play Safe

In creating the KIIROO teledildonic platform, we made sure to eliminate possibilities of piracy and hacking. Safeguarding your privacy and allowing for a secure experience has been and continues to be of the utmost importance in the design process.

To ensure the safety and security of the user, we use internationally renowned peer-to-peer WebRTC Protocol, which employs time-tested and proven encryption algorithms to protect shared data. KIIROO supplies you with unique, alphanumeric passcodes, no personal information required, that servers use to connect the data streams of you and your partner. Connecting servers even withdraw from the interaction without the connection being lost, so it’s just you two in digital space.

As well, KIIROO devices sync seamlessly to your computers using a Bluetooth connection. The linked app is designed to feel natural and intimate, with Join and Invite that are simple to use. Safety, intimacy, and design elegance, all in two intertwined products.

couple sex toys for him and for her kiiroo

More Pleasure, Less Risk

In addition to online security, the KIIROO experience offers the chance to engage in sexual play with reduced risk of sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Our devices are sophisticated and carefully designed for ease of use, and are a breeze to clean.

With KIIROO teledildonic devices, you and your partner have complete control of the technology. Your safety online is assured by our many safeguarding methods, and playing with the device is very safe for your health. We deliver the device pristine and ready to use, and you have complete control over where the toy goes, how it’s utilized, and who else receives access to it.

An Intact Relationship

One of our missions at KIIROO is to offer tangible intimacy to couples separated by distance. It is an innovative way to bring you and your partner together while protecting you from digital and physical risks. Even at a distance, you can partake in many of the same sexual activities you would if the location was not an issue, and even explore new avenues of erotic pleasure.

Being able to experience intimacy while you’re in a long distance relationship helps you to maintain trust between you and your partner. KIIROO prides itself on being able to offer this technological advantage and change the way remote romance is perceived and practiced.
Ultimately, it’s up to you how you wish to enjoy the KIIROO teledildonics platform. We do still suggest virus software, as well as not engaging in online play on public computers. KIIROO teledildonic devices are best used with people you know on an intimate level. Wherever your desire takes you, however, rest assured that the KIIROO platform is engineered with robust safety in mind. Enjoy the very best in teledildonics, at your own little to no risk.

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