Getting A Sex Toy For the First Time

Jerking off ain’t doing it for ya? Yeah, I don’t blame you. It’s the 21st century; using your hand should be a last resort. 

With masturbation sleeves and an interactive male masturbator at your disposal, masturbating should be taken to the next level. 

Who doesn’t want a hands-free masturbation session? Isn’t it the dream for everyone? 

Here’s the thing, if you’re new to sex toys, don’t worry, I have you covered. I’m going to show you the best male sex toys for beginners and help you take your masturbation from “meh” to “oh my god, I’m ready for round two.”

The best part is that many of these sex toys for men can be used for two way interactive pleasure. So, whether you’re looking to self-pleasure or need something to spice up your sex life in your long-distance relationship, the toys on this list have you covered.

What are some sex toys for men?

If you haven't read up much on male masturbators, then our ultimate guide to sex toys for men can surely help you out. There are several sex toys available for men and just like everything else in life we all have different preferences. There are different options out there for everyone, so here are some common terminologies that can help you narrow it down.

Feel stars collection by kiiroo

1. Analog Masturbators

This is the most simple form of a male masturbator. As the name states it being analog all the work is still in your right hand. Or left, whichever is your dominant hand. 

If you have heard of pocket pussies, textured sleeves or realistic strokers this would be the ideal starter 'kit'. All you will need is some water-based lube and turn on your favorite porn and you are ready to go. 

2. Automated Masturbators

Now that you have got the taste of analog masturbators, you have a chance to move up. Besides moving your hand continuously up and down can get a bit boring and tiresome. 

Automatic masturbators do all the work for you. They are electric and require some charge time, so you need to keep that in mind before and after using them. Think of milking machines like the Onyx+ or automatic masturbators like the Keon. 

3. Interactive Masturbators

Some automated masturbators are interactive. If you think of teledildonic sex toys or sex toys that replicate each other's movement then that is interactive. When we say interactive it also means being able to connect to interactive content like porn or live shows. 

That's right! So much interactive content such as VR porn or cam shows are out there, so you can now use your sex toy and use it in tandem. Or if you want to connect with your partner, who you are in long distance relationship with, this will work too. 

Now you kind of have a brief over view of what type of male sex toys are out there. If you are wondering which Kiiroo sex toy you would like to try out, here is a small description of each.

KEON & Feel Stroker

With Kiiroo’s KEON & Feel Stroker a new standard for masturbation has been created, and it’s one that’s tough to beat. This interactive male masturbator is cleverly designed as a compact and ergonomically shaped stroker that reaches speeds of up to 230 strokes per minute—you’re hand can’t do that. Everything was thought of when it was designed, it even comes with intuitive grip control to enhance your experience. 

The KEON & Feel Stroker isn’t just for solo fun. It’s also a two way interactive sex toy for men that allows you to connect with 2D and Virtual Reality adult content. 

Onyx+ Interactive Male Masturbator

If you live with roommates or your parents, you don’t want them to know what you’re doing. A little privacy goes a long way. The Onyx+ Interactive Male Masturbator is lightweight and highly discreet, perfect for traveling or masturbating in a full house. 

The Onyx+ moves in a continuous up-down motion, simulating intercourse and making it feel real. Why use your hand when you can get the real thing. This male masturbator also connects with interactive content and to other Kiiroo devices. 

Feel Star Strokers

You probably have a couple of favorite pornstars that you frequently watch when you’re looking to get off. But here’s the thing, you’ve only ever seen them on screen. But now you can actually have sex with themwell, with a replica of their vaginas. 

The Feel Star Stroker is shaped to the vagina of your favorite pornstar, allowing you to actually feel what it would be like to have sex with them. These masturbation sleeves are unlike anything on the market today. 

Pro Tip: Use it with the Keon to get the best experience. 

Lumen Butt Plug

Who doesn’t love a good butt plug? Okay, you may be new to the world of sex toys and perhaps are nervous about giving butt plugs a try. That’s understandable. But you don’t need to be a seasoned pro to give butt plugs a try. 

Start off with some gentle anal play (don’t skip the anal play) to get a feel for it and work your way up to a Lumen butt plug. What’s great about butt plugs is that they stimulate your prostate, giving you extra pleasure. I wouldn’t tell you to stick something up your butt for nothing—it really adds intensity to your orgasm.

Titan Interactive Vibrating Masturbator 

Add some good vibes to your masturbation routine with the Titan interactive vibrating masturbator by Kiiroo. The handheld vibrating stroker is built with touch-sensitive vibration technology and features 9 bullet vibrators to intensify your masturbatory experience. 

It delivers the perfect strokes at your desired speed, and the masturbation sleeve feels so real, you’ll think you’re having actual sex. To take your masturbation up a notch, you can connect with interactive content. Or two way interactive pleasure with your partner. Yeah, this isn’t your average vibrating stroker, you can use it like an analog masturbator. 

Onyx+ Realm Edition

Have you ever masturbated while on a Virtual Reality experience? Yeah, probably not. You don’t need to be an expert at sex toys for men to want to give this a try. The Onyx+ Realm Edition is a wild sex toy for men who want to experience a different world while masturbating. 

Sitting on your couch watching PornHub may be fun, but after a while, it gets boring and dull. You can engage with interactive content, erotic video, VR, and webcam partner sites for solo pleasure.

Or, if you’re in a long-distance relationship, you can connect your toy to your partners and enjoy some mutual masturbation.

I know what you’re thinking now. ‘Why stick to the same old masturbation routine when you can blow your mind with an interactive male masturbator?’ Exactly! Take a step out of your masturbation comfort zone and try out one of these hands-free sex toys. 


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