10 Anal Sex Positions That Aren’t Doggy Style

When it comes to anal sex, we stick to what we know. We like to stay in the safe zone when it comes to butt stuff. And Doggystyle (though never fails) gets a little boring. 

What you may not know is that there are way more anal sex positions to try outand we’re going to reveal them. These 10 anal sex positions range from easy to advanced for all couples that will hit the spot (if you know what I mean). So grab a bunch of water based lube and let's go!

1. Spooning

We all have those days where we’re horny but also a little lazy. If you’re the receiver and in a lazy mood, this spooning position will hit the spot. The spooning position is not face to face, so it’s great if you’re not feeling like eye contact. 

To do this one, you and your partner lie on your sides, facing the same direction. You raise your knees slightly up for easier access while your penetrating partner enters from behind. You can do the spooning position on the couch, floor, bedit’s pretty versatile. 

2. Seated Anal

For steamy face to face anal sex, try this position. You can do this on the couch or bed, but what’s important is you pick a comfortable spot. You straddle your penetrating partner, with your legs resting to their side.

This position allows for easier access and deep penetration, but the receiver has control. It’s also extremely romantic—plenty of eye contact, kissing and hugging. 

3. The Bend and Snap

This may sound like an easy position, but don’t be fooled. This one is not for beginners. For receivers, you have very little control over the depth and speed. So, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing this with a trusted partner.

Lean against your kitchen table, armrest, or counter while your penetrating partner enters from behind. Because the receiver lacks control, make sure you’re using lots of water-based lube.

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4. Cheeky Monkey 

Well, this one is very cheeky. While straddling each other in a 69 position, both of you can experiment with anal play and sex toys. You can finger each other or use anal sex toys like the OhMiBod Lumen powered by Kiiroo butt plug.

It’s great for beginners who want to feel more comfortable before engaging in anal sex. Try this out on your bed or kitchen floor.  

5. The Bodyguard

Who said anal sex isn’t intimate? The Bodyguard position gives a romantic twist to anal sex. You stand behind the receiver, entering them, making sure your bodies are close together.

You can wrap your arms around your partner for added intimacy. It’s a great position regardless of experience and can be done anywhere you can stand safely.

6. The Kinky Cowgirl

This one is similar to the traditional cowgirl position, only this time it’s with anal penetration. You lie on their back, while they straddle you. This is an amazing anal sex position for beginners as they get the control.

So, they can decide if they want deep penetration or not and go at their own pace. Just make sure you’re using lots of water-based lube. 

7. The Snake

Are you an anal sex regular? If so, give this position a try. While lying on your stomach, you raise your hips up slightly, keeping the rest of the body on the bed or floor.

Your penetrating partner enters from behind. For deep penetration, get your partner to lean back, holding your hips. While your partner enters you, you can stimulate your clitoris with a sex toy. 

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8. Legs on Shoulders

Similar to the missionary position, but with a twist. While lying on your back (receiver), you place your legs over your partner’s shoulders. This isn’t exactly a first-time position; for real beginners, stick to the cowgirl position, spooning, or seated anal.

But if you’ve had anal sex before, this position is great for deep penetration. You can do this on your couch, bed, or floor. 

9. The Inversion

Now, this one is for advanced anal lovers. It’s similar to the “legs on shoulders” position, but one step up. Your (receiver) legs will be over their shoulders; however, your booty will be tilted at an upwards angle.

This position allows for deep penetration and for you to stimulate your clitoris. There’s a chance unless you’ve stretched beforehand, you may get a leg cramp—but it’s worth it. 

10. The Hot Seat

Whether you’re using a strap-on or penis, this position allows for deep anal penetration. They kneel in front of a chair or bed, holding on tight. You enter from behind. 

If you have a bean bag in your living room or a lazy boy chair, those are the perfect places to try this position out. The position allows for easier access, but you may want more control if you’re a beginner.

After reading this list, you can see there are so many more positions other than Doggystyle. Remember to practice them in a safe space and have safe words at hand incase there is something you or partner are uncomfortable doing.

So, find a position that suits your needs (try them out with anal sex toys if you want), and enjoy!


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