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When Valentine’s Day comes around, most of us are rushing to find ways to celebrate with our partners. There’s this pressure to go above and beyond for our partners with lavish valentine’s day gifts, fancy candlelit dinners, and bouquets of handpicked roses. 

But, let’s be honest with ourselves; most of us aren’t interested in those things. Who really wants a stuffed animal holding an “I love you” heart? It’s cheesy, and when you look at it, those things don’t show love. 

Even if you’re a couple who’s not into Valentine’s Day, you can use it as an excuse to try new things. Being vanilla is perfectly fine, but switching up the routine isn’t a bad thing, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to explore in the bedroom. Here are seven ways to spice things up on this day of love. 

1. Say what you want

Most of us are unsure of our sexual needs or are uncomfortable to communicate them to our partners. Think of Valentine’s Day as more than just the day you celebrate love with your partner. It’s also the day where you acknowledge self-love. 

The only way to treat yourself with love is by expressing your needs to your partner. So, if you’re interested in exploring spanking or bondage, talk to your partner about it and see if they’re interested in exploring their sexuality. So, this Valentine’s Day is all about speaking up.

2. Use sex toys together

    You know the old saying, couple that plays together, stays together. Okay, that isn’t an actual saying, but it should be. We’re living in a new decade, and the taboo around sex toys is long gone. Don’t waste your money on flowers or teddy bears, get something that you two can actually have fun with.

    Kiiroo vibrators can be used for couples, and when Valentine’s Day is over and done with, well, your toy can be used in the bedroom as a couple or for solo use. 

    For couples in long-distance relationships, you can still celebrate Valentine’s Day with interactive sex toys like the Kiiroo Titan and Pearl2 Couples Set or the Kiiroo Pearl2 and Fuse Couples Set. You see, whether your partner is near or far, there’s always a way to connect with them.

    3. Watch porn together

      If you two already watch porn together, you can switch things up and explore the type of porn you watch. But, if you don’t watch porn together, it’s time to create your adult-film theatre in your home. Communicate with your partner and figure out what type of porn you two would like to watch together. Whether you two are clothed or naked while watching porn is entirely up to you (we suggest naked). 

      4. Get naked by playing a game

      You don’t need to leave your house on Valentine’s Day to show each other love and affection. You have everything you need right in your home. Of course, the best way to spend Valentine’s Day is completely naked, but why not make a game out of it. 

      Have a fun game of Uno, strip poker, even strip Monopoly (hopefully, you two aren’t that competitive). All you two need to do is pick a game and start playing. Of course, the more naked you get, the better. 

      5. Try out role playing

        Sometimes, you wish you were someone else, even for a couple of minutes. And the funny thing is you can be someone the bedroom. Role-playing may sound a little awkward at first, but once you start to get into the role of being a sexy nurse or a firefighter, you will find out that this a great idea. 

        You don’t know where it’ll take you and that’s what makes it exciting. For Valentine’s Day, get a couple of fun costumes and play around with dressing up. It’ll not only turn you both on, but you’ll share some laughs along the way.

        6. Use restraints

          We always feel the need to be in control, even on Valentine’s Day. We pick out the restaurant weeks in advance, pick out special lingerie, and the perfect gift. In other words, we want everything to be in our control. 

          But, love is about losing control, and that’s what this day is celebrating. So, playing with restraints is a great way to let go of control and experiment with light bondage. 

          7. Play around with sensory deprivation

            When it comes to our senses, we tend to take advantage of them. But during sex, what we touch, taste, smell, and see creates the experience. 

            Imagine if one of those senses were gone? What happens to the other senses? They’re intensified. 

            For example, you can use a blindfold to cover your partner’s eye, letting them use their other senses to feel, smell, and hear you. Don’t underestimate the power of the human body; instead, set the mood and play around with it. 

            Who said Valentine’s Day is only about roses and candles? It’s time to look outside the box and actually pay attention to your partner. Valentine’s Day is about spending the day and time with your partner and connecting. And nothing says “connection” than exploring each other’s bodies.  

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