Singles Day 2017

It's almost Singles day. On November 11th the world will celebrate the fact that it is still ok to be single!
Forget about the social pressure from friends and family for one day.
Forget about people relentlessly pushing you to settle down!
Check any frustration at the door and Indulge in spoiling yourself for a change.
Rejoice in the knowledge that you owe no one any apologies for sleeping in, staying out and doing the laundry when you bloody feel like it!

We have asked Poet, Performer and Rap artist L-Deep to write us a sweet "singles day" themed poem that captures his feelings about being single in 2017.

Bar for Bar, it's packed with wordplay!

We hope you'll enjoy!

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In every single way


I’m smiling all the time and I’m always seizing the day

I really love my life in every single way

I can date all the girls I want, that’s more than okay

Plus I don’t have to sit on the couch and watch Fifty Shades of Grey

I wake up stress-free with nothing going on in my head

Even though I'm without a queen in my kingsize bed

I can make my own plans and literally take every chance

Go to the store to buy a Rolex, because I got enough time on my hands

I never graduated, nevertheless I'm a man of stature

A student of the game, that's why I'm mastered in being a bachelor

What's so great about having a relationship?

Constantly fighting about which place to pick for your vacation trip

I'm not concerned about trust issues, constant arguments and moments of rage

Or finding out my girl just logged on to my Facebook page

I'm on Instagram all day, pressing hearts and liking my life away

And all I have left on Tinder is the right to swipe all day

Here's a fact: being single in this social media era is perfect and that's that

I mean my girl would get ghost as soon as she'd find out what's happening on my Snapchat

My advice, is to stay single when you can, that's by far the best choice

That's why I can write poems for companies specialized in sex toys

I’m smiling all the time and I’m always seizing the day

I really love my life in every single way

About the Author:

L-Deep is a Spoken Word Artist and a Battle Rapper from Amsterdam. He has blessed many different stages throughout the UK and Europe and is renowned for his use of wordplay and improvisation skills.

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