Celebrate the Final day of Masturbation Month with Sexy Youtube Videos

May 31, 2017

Kiiroo Fap list sexy videos on youtube

It's May 31st …

Sadly,…. Today is the last day of masturbation month.
For most of us, at Kiiroo HQ, the month was spent weaving together one blissful climax after another.
We experienced sex toys of all sorts, makes, and brands. We’ve built our own DIY male masturbators.
We even inserted and penetrated a few new Kiiroo prototypes.
We flicked wrists, did the knuckle shuffle and played Five against One,.. grinding out orgasms, each more heavenly than the one before.

But how about you?

Do you feel spent or invigorated by all the fappage of late?
Did you learn more about what it is that you like? Or did you death-grip yourself into a major turn off?
Planning on ending Masturbation Month in a final wanking binge?
Or are you now contemplating on joining the ranks of the radical #NoFap movement?

Here in Amsterdam, we are not ready to say goodbye to this wonderful month of auto-erotic delights just yet!

Sexy Youtube Videos

We took to Youtube and searched for all things Fappable.
It’s a fun challenge to set yourself. Finding something that turns you on a non-porn site can be a good exercise in creativity.
Of course, there’s a lot of vintage porn on youtube. But we tried to keep these lists smut-free, but extremely wankable none the less.

We would love to hear your comments on our lists on Twitter.
If you hit a sexy gold vein on youtube, don’t be shy and let us know about it.
There’s bound to be someone in our office that shares your kink.
No illegal stuff please! Having to call the cops is a real boner-killer.

Let’s get your toys out from under your bed.
Lube up! Grab a towel!
And celebrate the end of Masturbation Month with a couple more spine tingling sensations!

Masturbation Month’s Mystery Fap List

Sexy Youtube Videos featuring Hot Women

 Fleshlight launch kiiroo for him

Sexy Youtube Videos featuring Hot Guys

 Pearl2 female vibrators kiiroo

Want to take climaxing to the next level?
Try our Designer Orgasms for yourself!


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