Sex toys and virtual reality: where 2015 went wild

January 06, 2016

As we pull down the holiday decorations and welcome the New Year, it’s impossible not to notice the curious leaps and turns sex and sex toys have seen in 2015. It’s been a fun year for sex and masturbation, with popular culture embracing the subject with increasing openness. From the commercial release of BDSM inspired flick 50 Shades of Grey to actress Carrie Fisher’s admission that her mother bought her sex toys for Christmas, there’s no doubt sexuality is becoming simpler to talk about. Let’s sift through a few of 2015’s sex highlights in the solo stimulation category…


  1. Carrie Fisher confessed her mother gifted her sex toys.

Speaking of her movie star mother Debbie Reynolds, the actress told BBC talk show host Graham Norton. “She once gave my grandmother and me vibrators for Christmas!” Though Carrie laughingly noted her grandmother opted out as she was “afraid it might short-circuit her pacemaker”, the Star Wars favorite clearly had no trouble revealing her playful open-mindedness.


  1. “Klittra” (female masturbation) donned new Swedish word of the year.

 Self-stimulation clearly on the tip of Scandinavia’s tongue, according to The Local. Each year, the Swedish Language Council releases a list of the most popular new vocabulary, and this year “klitttra” – a verb meaning female masturbation – came out on top. The word first came about when it won a competition run by the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education earlier in the year. An interesting comment on the cultural significance of sexuality and pleasure in today’s world, no?


  1. Improved interactivity for couples: now women can play too.

With interactive sex toys already blowing long distance couples’ minds (like Kiiroo’s XBIZ Award winning corresponding male and female Onyx and Pearl devices), one more box was ticked in 2015: now women can play too. Previously, couple’s play from afar was largely restricted to the woman delivering pleasure to the male device. With Pearl updated toward the end of this year, now the toys are entirely workable both ways. Everybody gets to play!


  1. Hollywood got sexy: 50 Shades of Grey, Caitlyn Jenner and a Harry Potter star.

With the much anticipated BDSM inspired movie hitting the big screen, there’s no doubt that minds, hearts and nether regions were – *ahem* – opened up this year. The box office hit, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and based on the novel by E.L. James, starred Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, and represented a drastic jump in what we’re willing to embrace in a commercial movie theater. In other Hollywood sex related news, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe notoriously engaged in an open discussion about masturbation with Playboy. Meanwhile, were finally encouraged to discuss and recognize transgender issues by way of Caitlyn Jenner’s much publicized gender transition and the release of Oscar-tipped film The Danish Girl.


  1. Virtual porn and cam girls went physical.

Masturbation is nothing new, but allowing people to be touched by someone they’re watching on a screen is a developing area of art and science. 2015 has seen both virtual worlds (such as Thrixxx, RedLight and VirtualRealPorn) and Cam Girls (like those on go fully physical, with Kiiroo leading the way in providing the interactive devices to do so. The year has seen drastic technology advances that now allow people to feel avatars or live cam girls manipulating them in real time, from the comfort of their own home.


With that in mind, what does 2016 hold? A whole lot of exciting development in the Virtual Reality sector. Let’s be frank, it’s the first thing we asked about when VR headsets were pioneered: when will it work for porn? And Kiiroo has exciting plans to add to this development by incorporating physical touch into the Virtual Reality equation. Watch this space, and prepare to be content to settle into your couch for a while…


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