Say It and Mean It - Erotic Poetry

A Collection of Erotic Poetry

We all know the old saying, "Actions Speak Louder than Words". But do our actions really do mean more than our words?

The actions that we take as humans shape the universe. It defines the characters and people we turn out to be. Actions are powerful. Yes, that is true.

The way we treat the people around us can be a clear indication of what our morals are, and how we are as a person. Our actions are powerful ways in which we can show anybody what our intent or meaning is.

Our actions allow us to share emotion and joy, no matter what the language barrier is. Actions can be protest movements, romantic gestures, marriage proposals, or passionate flings.

Actions can be shared with our families, friends, neighbors, and all the people we connect with around us.

Despite this, the power of our words nearly always seems to go hand-in-hand with the physical actions.
What would a laugh with friends be if you did not have the words to communicate your jokes, stories, and news?

What would a celebration with your family be without the words to say Thankyou?
What would a romantic gesture be without the words to say I Love You?

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Words have the power to persuade people to our way of thinking in a way that actions might never be able to do in the same way.

The beautiful thing about the words we use and the way we communicate is the way we can connect with people. It can inspire their thought process.

Our actions have the power to hold another human, but is there any better way than being at one with somebody than connecting with their thoughts?

Our words are the tools that we use to inspire change and call for action. Our words are just as reassuring as a hug or a kiss.

Of course, the most important part of communication is the belief behind the meaning.

There’s a reason the old saying goes: “Talk is cheap.” If we do not mean the words we say, then they hold little value. Words, to some people, are like tokens.

We are bringing you the power of words through our collection of erotic poetry with this Ebook - in a bid to inspire you to say and mean something special to someone you love.

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Say It and Mean It - Erotic Poetry