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Pornhub Interactive

July 17, 2017

Pornhub Interactive

Pornhub Introduces Interactive Channel

Pornhub and have partnered to bring interactive device users a free interactive channel. The new interactive section is currently optimized to sync with the Kiiroo Onyx and Fleshlight Launch. In due time the capabilities for female devices from Kiiroo, OhMiBod and We-Vibe will be available with a female friendly selection of content. Pornhub has also announced that in the future they will have an interactive VR channel to give users a fully immersive experience.

The video content is produced by and is filmed specifically for interactive devices. The content will vary from amateur to established studio productions. The partners have pledged to add at least 5 new videos to the channel each day.

This story has been covered by a variety of esteemed publications. Below you can find links to a few of the top sites who have published the story.

Engadget: Pornhub will sync videos with your interactive sex toys

CNET: Pornhub’s newest videos can reach out and touch you

The Next Web: Pornhub launches ‘interactive’ videos so you can outsource manual labor to robots

Futurism: Truly Immersive “Teledildonics” is the Future of Intimacy

AW News: Pornhub makes the next move along with Kiiroo and FleshLight

The Verge: PornHub now has videos that synchronize with connected sex toys

Playboy: Pornhub’s Newest Category is a Glimpse Into the Future

The Daily Beast: The Future of Porn Is Here and It’s So Real You Can Feel It

Refinery 29: Pornhub Now Has Interactive Videos That Sync Up With Sex Toys

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