It sure is the season to be jolly!

And, there’s nothing like a good session of mutual self-lovin’ to warm you up during those cold and lonely Christmas nights.

Mutual masturbation is one of the best ways to have sex with your partner this Christmas season. Whether your lover is lying next to you or is halfway across the world, you can still be sexually active.

Spice up your sex life this holiday! It’s gonna be a hot, hot Christmas! 


You’re probably not aware of this, but there are benefits to mutual masturbation.

Apart from the health benefits of masturbation, it’s the ultimate way to find out what turns your lover on and makes them feel good. And in return, this is your perfect chance to actually show your partner exactly how you like to be teased, touched, caressed, and pleased.

In the words of Charlie Puth: “It’s Karma Sutra show and tell 

Inside most of us, there’s a dirty, sneaky voyeuristic side that’s dying to come out. Mutual masturbation gives you and your partner the opportunity to sneak a peek while your lover is playing with themselves.

Just imagine your partner naked, all hot and sweaty, and touching themselves all over. Moaning softly and breathing more heavily by the second, until they reach the point of orgasm.

Now that’s a good way to spend your Christmas holiday.

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Never tried mutual masturbation in front of each other? Boy, you’re missing out!

When people try pleasuring themselves in the presence of their partner for the first time, they often feel a bit shy and hazardous. Masturbation should not be a taboo. Even between couples who’ve been together for a long time.

But opening up to each other about masturbation can actually make you closer as a couple. The great thing about mutual masturbation is that you’re both being vulnerable at the same time.

This can make it a lot less scary to pleasure yourself in front of your partner for the first time. Once you’ve tried mutual masturbation in the same room, lying next to your partner, you’ll be craving more, more, and more!


The beauty of mutual masturbation over other sexual acts is that it’s perfectly suitable for long-distance relationships. We conducted a survey with one thousand Americans who were in, or have been in a long-distance relationship.

According to the results of this survey, the absence of physical intimacy is considered the most difficult challenge by most people in a long-distance relationship. And especially during the Christmas season, nights can get quite lonely without your loving partner to hold you tight.

Luckily, thanks to the magic of the internet, couples in long-distance relationships can now mutually masturbate. By using their smartphones, Skype, or combine those with our interactive sex toys.

Thanks to this new generation of sex toys, you are not only able to just see and hear your partner, but you can actually feel them too. Finally, you can enjoy that physical, intimate touch you’ve missed for so long!



Sure, you and your partner can always use your trusty right hands when it comes to simultaneously giving yourselves some love during the holidays.

But why not step up your mutual masturbation game this Christmas season with some of our excellent sex toys? Not sure how to go about this for your sexual pleasure? We’re happy to walk you through it.

Take the Pearl2 and Onyx+ for example. You and your partner can go to town using your own sex toy. This can be done while lying next to each other in bed, but also when you’re thousands of miles apart.

Make sure you both connect your sex toy to the FeelConnect app. In the app, you’ll be able to find each other, so that you can control the movement of each other’s toys and the type of stimulation.

Every time you stroke the Pearl2 up and down, this movement will be mimicked by the Onyx+.

Just like the real thing!

If you prefer to be the one who calls the shots, you can also take the app on your phone and control the movement of your partner’s sex toy.

You can watch them enjoy themselves and slowly working their way up to a mind-blowing orgasm.



So as we’ve seen, mutual masturbation is an awesome way to get your sex game on this Christmas season. Not only are there benefits to mutual masturbation all year round, but this is especially true during Christmas.

The holidays are known to be a stressful time. With the countless family dinners and mandatory office Christmas parties. Because of this, you and your partner might find that your love life is being put on the back burner.

Mutual masturbation can help you and your lover rekindle that sweet, sweet flame during this Christmas season. Whether you live together in the same house or in different countries. Let’s make the holidays sexy again.

And don’t forget: 

Couples who PLAY together, STAY together!

Written by:

Lara Metman

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