The Best YouTube Videos to Masturbate to

June 03, 2019

sexy youtube videos kiiroo


Are you on your way to breaking last years personal record for most orgasms?
Let us help you smash your # LifeGoals! Every year we drop a list of the sexiest youtube videos to masturbate to, that weren't meant to rub one out to! (some probably were lol)

We all get horny watching our favorite YouTubers. There is no shame into getting aroused by beautiful athletes, sexy hosts, buxom comedians, and hard-bodied surfers.

This year we crowdsourced the videos from all of our colleagues. This is what the non-binaries, ladies, and gents at Kiiroo sent us back!

Hot Girls to  Fap to


Hot Guys to Masturbate to

These are the sexiest Youtube videos we could find this year!

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Thank you for sharing all of our YouTube roundups in previous years!

If you have a stash of sexy youtube videos to masturbate to, please tweet them to us @Kiiroo . We would love to find out what gets you excited.
Don't be shy and keep it classy! 

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