The Many Reasons to Go F*** Yourself

Whether you call it jacking off, pushing the red button, roughing up the suspect, or petting the kitty, one thing’s for sure: Masturbation has a whole host of health and wellness benefits, no matter your gender.

Obviously, as a company that’s pioneering the field of Teledildonic adult sex toys, we feel pretty positive about self-love! Whether it brings you closer to your lover or to yourself, there are plenty of great reasons to get it on, solo.

F Yourself: Men’s Edition

For people with penises and prostates, masturbating regularly can actually help prevent prostate cancer. An Australian study found that those who ejaculated 5 times per week were one third less likely to develop that particular kind of cancer. Additionally, ejaculation releases your cortisol levels and helps boost immunity.

Many men are concerned with their ability to last long enough during sex. “Stamina training” has become very popular in the United States, and essentially involves using masturbation to train your body to stay harder, longer. So instead of reaching for numbing cream or stamina pills, try a little self-lovin’ instead!

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F Yourself: Ladies, Too

For women, the concern is more likely centered around whether or not they can orgasm from penetrative sex. In fact, most women find that penetration doesn’t provide enough stimulation to climax. If you haven’t been able to have an orgasm from penetrative sex, you’re certainly not alone! If you’ve never had an orgasm before, it’s great to start off with masturbating. There’s no pressure to please a partner, so you can really focus on what feels good for you. Once you figure out a few good techniques – it truly varies from person to person – then you’ll be able to replicate the experience with a partner if you want to.

When it comes to clitoral and G-spot enjoyment, masturbation has been credited with pain relief and general relaxation. Endorphins are likely responsible for the pain relief aspect, while prolactin is what causes the feeling of deep relaxation that you experience after you climax.

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F Yourself: Vibrators, Masturbators, and Lubricants

When it comes to using traditional (non-Teledildonic) adult sex toys, don’t be afraid that they’ll make it impossible to enjoy sex with a partner. That’s a myth. Physically, it is possible to get used to only being able to climax from one kind of stimulation, but for most people, that doesn’t become a problem. If you’re concerned, change up your masturbation. Try a vibrator, your hands, and fingers, a non-vibrating dildo, with lube, without lube, a masturbation sleeve… The possibilities are endless. If you can only orgasm from clitoral contact with a vibrator, that just means that you require a lot of power and stimulation to be able to finish. And that’s fine! Accept your body the way that it is, and find your own best way to enjoy yourself. Bring sex toys into your relationship and discover new ways to pleasure each other.

What are you waiting for? Go F yourself!