All you need to know about Sex Toys for Men

Male masturbators. You might have a lot of questions about them. And not the kinds you want to ask your parents. Fear not, you’re about to become an expert. Get ready for unlimited pleasure and find out what male masturbator is perfect for you. 

What are male masturbators?

So what exactly is a male masturbator? Is it a job title? A way to describe your average Friday night? Nope.

Male masturbators are basically sex toys designed for men. Yes, you got that right. Sex toys aren’t just for women. Men can join in on the fun as well! Hey, you gotta give your right hand a break once in a while, right? 

To be more specific, a male masturbator is a kind of male sex toy where you can insert your penis into while masturbating. Aka, a fancier version of your favorite sport sock. They come in different shapes, sizes, pressures, and textures to provide ultimate pleasure. 

Male masturbators can also be referred to as pocket pussies or strokers. 

Unfortunately, a lot of guys feel hesitant to use male masturbators. They think it’s weird. They’re afraid of being judged. But let me tell you: there is absolutely NO reason to hold back. Using a male masturbator makes your orgasms more intense and pleasurable. What’s the harm in that? Time to take your masturbating game to the next level and treat yourself! 

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Here are 5 reasons why every man should own a male masturbator! 

There’s really no limit in the ways you can use your masturbator. They’re a great alternative for the real thing when you’re by yourself. But you can also use them to play together with your partner. And thanks to modern, interactive masturbators, you can even play when you’re apart from each other. It’s up to you!

So whether you’re single or in a relationship: male masturbators are for all men that enjoy masturbating. 

How do male masturbators work? Well, there’s a bunch of different types that all give you a different sensation. There’s bound to be one to tickle your fancy. We’ll break them down for you in a minute. First, let’s get a burning question out of the way. 

But Aren’t sex toys only for women?

Somehow, when talking about sex toys, it’s always assumed that they’re for women. When compared to sex toys for females, male masturbators aren’t as well known, or socially accepted. Nowadays, dildo’s and vibrators for women are often mentioned in mainstream media. This is not the case for male masturbators. 

And although the selection of male sex products is getting bigger, it’s lesser in comparison to female sex toys. This makes it harder for men to find a product that they love.  

All I can say is that everyone deserves to be sexually satisfied, no matter your gender. And sex toys are a fun way to enhance the pleasure of solo play even more. 

So which male masturbator is perfect for you?

Have you ever tried to buy your partner a sex toy? First of all, good for you. Second, you must have been blown away by all the different options. There are so many choices! That’s because every person is different and prefers a different kind of sex toy. There are also different types of male masturbators on the market, so you have several options when it comes to finding out which one suits you best. 

Every man is unique in his sexual preferences. One proof of this is by the billion different categories of porn. So it’s only logical that there are different kinds of male masturbators. Finding your ‘perfect fit’ might be a bit of a journey. But hey, you’ll have a lot of orgasms out of it along the way. To help you out, we’ll discuss some of the most used kinds of male masturbators. 

There may not be as many options for men as there are for women, but the market is expanding and the variety is getting bigger. Most guys prefer one type of masturbator. Below, we’ve created a list so you can find out which one is perfect for you. 

1. Textured sleeves

Let’s start off with the most basic male masturbators: the textured sleeve. A textured sleeve is a flexible tube that’s open on both ends. They’re not anatomically correct, but they still provide more sensation than when you would simply use your hand to pleasure yourself. There’s often an area with an extra surface for extra stimulation. 

If you’re looking for something that’s not expensive and isn’t too ‘out there’, the textured sleeve is a good masturbator to start with. Who knows, after this, you might get a craving for more advanced options. 

2. Realistic strokers

Realistic strokers are the most well-known sex toys for men. Unlike the textured sleeves, they only have an opening on one side. These openings often look like a vagina, anus or mouth. This further enhances the fantasy. Inside the stroker is a textured canal. Strokers are usually made of stretchy, lifelike material. It warms up to body temperature, which adds to the lifelike sensation.

Strokers can come as just a soft tube or with a hardcover surrounding it where you can put a lid on. One example would be the Feel Stroker by Kiiroo.

3. Milking machines

Do you get tired easily? Or do you just don’t feel like putting in the effort? Then milking machines are for you! The beauty of these bad boys is that they do all the work for you. You won’t have to break a sweat. You probably will, though, when you reach a powerful climax.

How do milking machines work? You put your dick into it and it sucks and massages you into a mind-blowing orgasm. What’s not to love? Men describe the sensation as if the orgasm is being ‘milked’ out of them. Do you love nothing more than the sucking sensation on your cock during a blowjob? Then this is the male masturbator for you!

These days, milking machines come with all kinds of cool extra features to maximize your pleasure even further. How about having your masturbator connect to virtual reality porn or with the sex toy of your partner? 

One of the most popular milking machines on the market is the Onyx+. It provides not a vibrating, but rather a milking sensation. Thanks to the 10 different rings on the inside that contract, giving you the feeling of getting milked. Oh, yeah!

4. Vibrators

Vibrators have a reputation as a sex toy for women. But men can enjoy vibrating sensations on their genitals just as much as women can. Vibrators are male masturbators that vibrate on and around your penis. It’s a sensation like you’ve never experienced before. 

How do vibrators work? They resemble the milking machines. You place your dick into the vibrating head of the masturbator and off you go! 

An advantage of vibrators is that with most models you don’t need to have an erection to use them. That makes it the perfect sex toy when you experience occasional erectile dysfunction. 

Some masturbators are hands-free, just like the milk machines. Others require you to move them up and down, like the Titan by Kiiroo, which resembles traditional masturbation. These vibrators are perfect to use for couple’s play. 

Good vibes only!

Different strokes for different folks

Not only are there different types of male masturbators, such as vibrators and milking machines. They also come with different ways to play with them. Old school analog masturbators, modern automated masturbators or full-on futuristic interactive masturbators. What will it be? 

Analog masturbators

Some folks like it fancy, but maybe you’re an old-fashioned fella who enjoys the simple things in life. If you like to feel in total control during your solo play sessions, and you don’t mind doing a little handwork, the analog masturbators are for you. 

Analog masturbators work very very simple. You place your penis inside and start moving them up and down until you get to that sweet climax. No electronics, no batteries, no fuss. Just you and your masturbator. A nice upgrade from your standard handjob without too much ado. 

Looking for a fantastic analog masturbator? How about the Feel by KiirooThis male masturbator is molded with a skin-like material that is bound to give you immeasurable pleasure. 

Another benefit! Should you ever wish to upgrade to an interactive masturbator, then you can use this stroker with the Keon device. Same intense sensations, less work for you. 

Automated masturbators

You’ve probably masturbated using your hand in an up-and-down motion more times than you can count. And don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned handjob. 

But automated masturbators, also called electric masturbators, will take your hand to the next level. Because thanks to these gifts from the masturbation gods, you don’t have to use your hands anymore. 

All the pleasure without getting your hands dirty. What’s not to love? 

Automated masturbators just require you to place your erect penis into them and they automatically move up and down for you. That way you get the stroking sensation, without having to do the work yourself. 

Does an automated masturbator sound like kinky music to your ears? Then try the Keon by Kiiroo.

This automated masturbator is perfect for when you want to enhance your stamina and perform like a pornstar! Oh yeah, and it feels amazing as well. The combination of the automated features of The Keon and the intense sensations of the Feel stroker, it is bound to blow your mind.

This bad boy can speed up to 230 strokes per minute. I bet even you can’t jerk off that fast! 

Interactive masturbators

Do you wish to fully immerse yourself in a sexual fantasy for all your senses? Then try an interactive masturbator. It might sound like something from the future, but the technology is very real!

What are interactive masturbators exactly? They are automated masturbators that provide some pretty cool extras to take your pleasuring sessions to a whole new level.

With interactive masturbators, your device is connected to the internet. This allows you and your partner to make love, even when you are hundreds of miles apart from each other. Perfect for long-distance relationships! 

Another feature of interactive masturbators is the ability to connect to virtual reality content. Watching porn will never be the same! These masturbators can be connected to interactive porn videos, virtual reality content, interactive video games or live webcams. Everything that happens on your screen, you will feel on your dick. 

Interested in such a high-tech marvel for your toy collection? Try the state of the art Onyx+ and Pearl2 couple set. The Onyx+ is a high-end male interactive male masturbator and the Pearl2 is world class sex toy for women. As mentioned before, the Onyx+ gives an irresistible milking sensation with intense massaging contractions.

But it does way more than that! The Onyx+ can reach up to 140 strokes per minute! And it allows you to have sex in real-time by sending and receiving signals to and from other Kiiroo sex toys, like the Pearl2. So you can enjoy mutual masturbation sessions together from anywhere and any time. 

Final thoughts

We’ve seen that male masturbators are a fun way for men to spice up their masturbation sessions. Sex toys for men are still a bit more taboo than female sex toys. However, the market is currently growing with more varieties in male masturbators every year. 

This also means that there’s a lot to choose from. Vibrators, milking machines, automated masturbators and even interactive ones with amazing high-tech features for unlimited pleasure. Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn about male masturbators and gave you the inspiration to find the one that’s perfect for you. 

Happy masturbating! 


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