KiirooTV is taking Thanatos into production.

KiirooTV is a Sex Positive, Tech Forward video magazine. 
It features items ranging from podcasts to game shows and humorous vox pops.
KiirooTV aims to break the taboo on talking about sexually explicit topics.
Everyone has sex. Everyone Masturbates. Everyone needs intimacy.

So it’s only healthy we talk about it openly.

KIIROO and KiirooTV see Sex Education as their social responsibility.
Currently, Sex Ed is being skimped on all over the world.
Everyone is covering the basics, but that’s about it. More and more countries are rolling their Sex Ed courses back into biology class. And that format often leaves no room for education on topics such as intimacy, romance, ethics, consent, respect, hygiene, porn, masturbation, and Love.

This inspired the KiirooTV production team to go the extra mile and try to bring sex back into the daily conversation. What better way to put Sex Positivity in the limelight than creating a role-playing game set in a dark fictional sci-fi universe where humanity is beset on all sides by a toxic society devoid of hope.

Thanatos is a role-playing game set in the highly industrial crater City of Tachion on the Planet Thanatos. Thousands of years in the future, Cyborgs, Clones, Sex Robots, Mutants, and holograms are fully engrained in society. Dubious corporations wage war for planetary dominance. Despicable cults usurp the local government. The oppressed fight for acceptance and their place in the world.

In this bleak, pre-apocalyptic hell-scape, brave adventurers seek for a glimpse of hope. Guided by the almighty Assessor Steven Cook, three comedians give life to colorful characters as they try to survive against a backdrop of impending doom. To emerge victorious they need to best puzzles, insane enemies and heartbreaking dilemma's.

Every episode will be centered around solving an ethical, moral or physical problem.

Thanatos aims to spark discussions about sex, sexuality, sex tech, sex education, Love, Relationships, and Lust.

What are role-playing games?

Role Playing Games (RPG) are sessions of collaborative play.
Players get together with a Game Master, an Assessor in the case of Thanatos.
The Assessor carefully crafts entertaining adventures, quests, and stories within a specific setting.
Together with the players, they improvise interactions, encounters, events, and confrontations.
Each player partakes by performing as a character with their own unique motivations (Libido) and fears (Thanatos) custom to them.
It’s the role of the Assessor to guide the gameplay into a constructive flowing narrative.
Watching Role Playing Games Online is extremely satisfying.
Discover how other people tackle social issues, physical confrontations and give shape to their identity.
Viewers can build a relationship with the characters and the actors who govern them and come to love or hate them all in the span of a single session.

The cool thing about role-playing games is that it gets people together, face to face to build a beautiful story together. KIIROO is all about intimacy and RPG’s create a wonderful intimate experience.

Role-playing games are all about emotions. The participants actively try to evoke emotions and play on each other's pet peeves and allergies. If the chemistry between the participants and the Assessor is good, this makes for an experience that creates lasting impressions on both the players and their audience.

Kiiroo Adult Role Playing Game Thanatos
From Left to Right: Assessor Steven Cook guides Amina Zena, Matty Shaw, and Doug Carter through the slums of Tachion to save sex slaves from a deranged Cult of depraved clones.

What is an adult role-playing game?

Adult role-playing games aren’t necessarily pornified freakshows of debauchery and depravity.
Adult Role Playing games are RPG’s that do not shy away from adult problems, topics or concepts.
They are in fact just regular roleplaying games. But the stories, adventures and worldbuilding may feature sexuality, drugs, alcohol and other topics deemed adult.

The very popular Dungeons and Dragons is a good example of a sfw role playing game.
Vampire the Masquerade is a shining example of an adult role playing game.

The cool thing about role playing games is that the games master has the freedom to tune the game to their player’s expectations.

The very popular online streaming role playing game Critical Role doesn't shy away from role playing excessive drinking and mild recreational drug use nor sexual innuendo from time to time.

Another wonderful online streaming role playing game set in the future is Blue Colar Heresy. Based on Games Workshop’s Warhammer universe and Dark Heresy role playing system.

Thanatos has entirely different mechanics. Mechanics that are geared towards facilitating the collaborative narrative. The game design is aimed at giving the Comedians and the Assessor the room to have fun and explore the adult topics KIIROO and KiirooTV are interested in starting public discussions about. With Thanatos you get to dive into the mind of the comedians and see how they portrait their characters. You get to judge their moral compass and decisions.
You get to laugh at their mistakes and glee.

Thanatos’s first season is now in production.
Thanatos is set to air on Youtube, Pornhub, and Cocoscope starting August 20th of 2019.

The series will be kicked off with 5 stand alone “one shot” adventures and followed up by a 6 month continuous campaign.

Viewers are welcome to leave their love and contempt for the characters and their actions in the comment section.

Thanatos is a game by:

Rachid Garti
Carlos van der Putten

And adapted for KiirooTV by:
Rachid Garti
Carlos van der Putten
Steven Cook
Sirak A. Tegegn