How KIIROO is Redefining Safe Sex

October 07, 2014

how kiiroo is redefining safe sex for couples solo too kiiroo

How KIIROO is Redefining Safe Sex

Regardless of what kind of sexual education you’ve had, you’ve heard the phrase “safe sex.” For most people, that conjures images of condoms, STD and STI tests, maybe even consent conversations. “Safe sex” has been around for ages – the oldest depiction of condom usage dates back 12,000-15,000 years to a French cave painting! But KIIROO is doing something different.

KIIROO devices aren’t designed to get between you and your partner. Instead, they facilitate bringing you closer together, in a way you’ve never experienced before. Our platform, along with our two devices (Onyx and Pearl), works to give you a seamless Cyberdildonics experience.

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Pearl is our female vibrator, and it contains haptic technology rings and strips under its soft, smooth silicone outer layer. The haptics inside Pearl makes it one of the smartest vibrators around. It’s capable of gathering data based on usage, which it then communicates with our male masturbator Onyx. Onyx’s internal rings use that data to expand and contract, mimicking the movements performed with the Pearl. It’s intercourse, in real time, made possible with Teledildonic technology.

This is a whole new way to have safe sex. You don’t need a condom, you don’t need an STD panel, and you can still experience both physical and emotional intimacy. The KIIROO platform is designed to make you feel close. Our teledildonic devices aren’t intended to be one more thing between you and your partner; instead, Onyx and Pearl bring you together. You don’t have to worry about data leaks, insecure servers, or unauthorized recording. We’ve designed the KIIROO experience to be seamless, intimate, and perfectly secure.


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