Fleshlight Launch Powered By Kiiroo

March 14, 2017

Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch


Fleshlight™ and Kiiroo Release the Fleshlight Launch, the first adult device for men that can connect a handheld masturbator to interactive content.

(Amsterdam / Austin, TX / March 14, 2017) –Kiiroo, sex-tech innovators and Interactive Life Forms’ Fleshlight, the world’s #1 pleasure product for men, in celebration of the release of new interactive toy, the Fleshlight Launch, hosted an official SXSW release party on Saturday, March 11th, 2017 at Fair Market on East Fifth Street. Special guests included performers Lisa Ann, Nicole Aniston, Joanna Angel, Ryan Driller and Boomer Banks with DJ performances by Carter Cruise.  The event was attended by hundreds of SXSW Interactive badges holders who came to witness the most innovative sex-tech release to date, the Fleshlight Launch

launch-movement-pageFleshlight’s handheld Launch, powered by Kiiroo, and integrated with FeelMe technology, takes sex-tech to the next level with a unique sensory platform that can be controlled manually or through the internet via a Bluetooth connection either with cam performers or via synced content, enabling its users to see, hear and feel simulated intimacy like never before.

“We were excited to introduce the Launch to SXSW’s tech-forward attendees, who truly appreciated its special features and tactile sensations,” said Fleshlight co-founder Steve Shubin, who, along with wife Kathy, continue to expand the limits of technological development in their ever-growing line of molded adult toys.

Toon Timmermans, CEO of Kiiroo was equally as enthusiastic about the Launch. “We are very excited about the fact that we can give 13 million Fleshlight owners the ability to connect their Fleshlight into the Launch to connect to another device, or enjoy interactive content from some of the world’s leading companies.”

With its sleek matte black and chrome exterior, body-safe contours, touch sensors and comfortable fit, the Fleshlight Launch can be used in Manual Mode, where stroking speed, length and position can be controlled by the user, or Interactive Mode, which is fully automated and controlled from any remote distance.

“The Launch was created to make an existing Fleshlight™ compatible with the interactive world,” said Shubin, adding that connecting to video content, Virtual Reality, 3D gaming and webcams are now available through the Launch. “It is the first truly innovative and aesthetically pleasing product of its kind created to date, without a doubt.”

Fleshlight Launch powered by Kiiroo

About Interactive Life Forms, LLC:

Interactive Life Forms is the parent company of Fleshlight brand products, the Number One selling male sex toy in the world. Established in 1996, founders Steve and Kathy Shubin created Fleshlight toys with the aim of providing men with a safe and healthy outlet for sexual expression.

The handheld male masturbator sleeve device comes in a variety of personalized models, using body-safe materials and specially-modified designs for maximum pleasure sensations. Fleshlight has proven so popular that more than 13 million Fleshlight devices have been sold to date.

Fleshlight’s latest device, The Launch, enables users to broaden and experiment with their sexual preferences, and can control or be controlled by another device to mimic the sensation of intimacy in real time. By maintaining intimate moments in a long-distance relationship, Launch supports healthy sexual relationships with the most stimulating remote sexual encounters to fulfil every need.

Interactive Life Forms houses several sub-brands including Fleshlight Girls, a product line featuring female adult stars and Fleshjack, a brand catering towards the gay market. Interactive Life Forms has an in-house wholesale division, Fleshlight Distribution, and an online affiliate program, FNCash.

About Kiiroo

Amsterdam-based Kiiroo is an award-winning tech company that has been a leader in the teledildonics industry since 2013. Working at the intersection of technology and human interest, Kiiroo developed a unique technology that enables users to be intimate from a distance. Along with their interactive devices, a highly secure social networking platform was created to provide a safe place for online interaction. Kiiroo is constantly innovating to forge new and better ways for people to connect from a distance in an increasingly digitalized world.

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