Human ATMs? Pay pigs? Gift slaves?

No, we're not talking about your parents when you've run out of money again. Or your boss when payday is fast approaching.

We're talking about financial domination or Findom: the subtle area of pleasuring others by taking their money. Without sex.

Interested? Read more to find out about this interesting world to see if you got what it takes. Because there's more to it than simply asking for someone's money.


Domination is nothing new. We've all heard of (or experienced) it before.

The shiny latex suits, the whips, and the stiletto heels. Who doesn’t love it when their partner takes the wheel and guide you through the heat of the moment?

In essence, it all boils down to total power exchange. Who controls whom?

This is where Findom (financial domination) comes in. Money is one of the biggest sources of arguments in relationships. And more often than not, the one who earns the most money gets to tell the other what to spend it on.

In a capitalist society like ours, it is the one with more zeros on their bank account who wields the scepter. Then, it isn't far-fetched to declare that such a person holds power.

So, the concept is the same. Either by handcuffs or money clips, money can tie you down.


Through the ease and anonymity of the internet, transferring money has never been simpler. And this is exactly what FinDommes, financial dominatrixes, use their social media accounts for.

They publicly or privately demand cold-hard cash from their human ATMs, or pay pigs (often-used terms in the world of Findom).

There's no sex involved. Simply the digital pathways and the inconvenience of a few electrons, and bam! You can add another zero to your account.

All sorts of technologies are used by FinDommes to hold their gift slaves under the thumb. Some force their servants to pay by a tweet from their Twitter account. The more likes they get for a tweet, the more their gift slaves need to spend to keep their master happy.

Skype or video chatting is a favorite for those online-shopping sprees everybody loves. Their subjects love to watch as their precious, hard-earned moolah is funneled away to a pair of shoes, just to keep their sugar baby happy.

titan by kiiroo


But who's paying this? Surely, you think, nobody would spend a large amount of money for nothing. The biggest spenders aren't even the ones that can miss it. It turns out that it's also people struggling to pay their rent, or even those that can't afford any food.

For them, the power their FinDomme has over them is even greater. Seeing her try on those new earrings, while they have to slurp down their one-dollar noodles, makes them hornier than you'd ever imagine.

However, having little money and spending a lot, often won't work out too well. You don't want to disappoint your mistress. This kink is not like buying a few coins for a private cam session or acquiring a few videos from a pornstar's website.

Don't even count on getting anything in return! The spending itself is your pleasure. But mostly theirs.


If you think you have what it takes, you're welcome to try. You'll have to channel your inner dominatrix and let loose the whip that roars inside you. Aside from that, there's a couple of steps you can follow to get you started.

  • Set up your payment account. Make sure not to use the same as your personal one if you want to stay anonymous.
  • Define and research your target persona. Know how to pleasure your subject by pleasuring you. Analyze your target and identify their kinks.
  • Set up an online presence. Gather all the social media power you can muster. The more, the merrier.
  • Get some toys. Everybody loves some toys, especially when they're interactive. Over at Kiiroo, they have great ones, check it out.
  • Buckle down! Approach as many willing targets you can. We never said this was going to be easy money: it may take a while to master the art of financial domination.

    Most of all: don't forget to have fun. If you need any more in-depth help, be sure to check out this free ebook which explains all the tips and tricks of the trade.


    If this article has gotten you all hot and bothered, and you have a sudden itch to scratch. Then there are many ways to get in contact with your new FinDommes.

    Twitter and Switter, their NSFW counterpart, is the best step to becoming someone's new little pay pig. Set out and explore, and before you know it, you'll be the hottest new wallet slave on the internet.

    Written by

    Lara Metman

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