Q&A With Alexis Fawx

Alexis Fawx joined the Feel Star family recently. Now her fans get chance to FeelAlexis by getting her personalized stroker. They can also use it with the Keon by Kiiroo to get the best experience by connecting it with her interactive content. 

Alexis Fawx had a photoshoot with us and to some time to answer some questions. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram

Kiiroo: What was the molding process like?
Alexis Fawx: All I had to do was actually, um, my best friend took pictures of my unit and sent it in. And they were able to actually do all the printing and create it from just that. Yeah, just really good photos. Yeah. And I was really impressed with how it looked and like after seeing, um, our sample

K: Name 3 things that give you pleasure
AF: Food!

I mean really, honestly, look at how much happier I am right now. 

Food, penises, vaginas… they all give me pleasure,

K: What does passion mean to you?
AF: Passion, it’s just, you know, it's something that you just have a strong desire for and will and grace to do it. I don't know. I feel like I'm full of it.

K: What are you passionate about?
AF: I'm passionate about living my life to the fullest every single day and being grateful and being better than I was yesterday. I have a passion for painting and a passion for just being creative in general, for writing, for creating images, um, just all kinds of different things. Anything I can be creative at, that's where my love lies.

Feel Alexis Stroker kiiroo

K: If you could make a wish right now, what would it be?
AF: My wish would always just to have more freedom, to do whatever I want. You know, I mean, that's my ultimate goal. It's why I work as hard as I do, it’s so that I could buy back all the extra time I could possibly buy back to be able to spend it any way I want at and I love it. I mean, that's what keeps me happy.

K: What is your guilty pleasure?
AF: Guilty pleasures? I don't even know. You know what? I do like to do the drum solo to Phil Collins

K: What empowers you?
AF: I don't think I've ever felt so empowered until I entered into the adult industry. So for all those who say ‘Ah it takes a woman's power away’ is completely wrong. They don't really understand it. And then anytime that you can control how you spend your time... I control who I work with, what I wear, like down to like every decision that day is, is empowered by me.

K: What inspires you?
AF: I mean this might sound self-serving, but I do, like, I kind of gather my inspiration from different things. A lot of different writers, words, articulation. Um, I like to be inspired by just everyday things. I’m inspired by my own growth and inspired by my own journey. Cause I know what I've been truly where I've come from and where I've done.

K: What excites you?
AF: I don't know, my mindset changed several years ago and I am excited to wake up. I do inspire myself. I think like you've got to be your best friend and you've got to love yourself so much in this life. I'm excited. I'm really excited from the time (I wake up). I mean, how lucky are we? We wake up, I have my health. I have a full fridge of food. I have clean water that I can drink. Like those basic necessities, which may seem really basic to others. Isn't so basic to a lot of people that are out there.

K: What do you love most about nature?
AF: I love that disconnect. I think it's super important in our life today, especially with all the social media and connection to electronics, it keeps me balanced. It gives me solitude. I'm definitely one of those people that I guess my energy is high and my output is crazy. 

I'm not spending my time with a lot of people on a regular basis because I can serve that energy for my scenes. And for anything that I'm doing that requires that type of energy. So going out in nature just helps to create that balance. It gets nice and silent. You're away from all the fucking lights and the noise and the distraction of every fucking day, which is annoying as fuck.

Like I just, I love it. It's breath. It’s Breathing, it's alive.

K: What do you like about gardening?
AF: It's amazing. I love gardening. I have so many different plants and just like every day I find something new. And then over time as you're building your soil and you're building this eco, you're literally building an ecosystem. You're going to notice like your beneficial insects are going to come.

Like my praying mantis, my lady bugs, all those things that are gonna keep my plants healthy, eat all the aphids or whatever. Um, it's all in a direct balance. And again, if something becomes out of balance again, you just get you're in nature. You sit back and observe and watch how nature is going to take care of itself.

Everything is in perfect balance in nature, you can learn so much from it.

K: What would you say to someone who wants to get into porn?
AF: Understand that anything that you put out there is going to be out on the internet no matter what. So understand what you're getting yourself into. I think you really just need to have a good solid talk with yourself, make sure that you're, you're mentally and emotionally mature and intelligent in some way, shape or form.

Um, if you're under the age of 21, I would probably wait until the age of 21, but that's just, you know, I think the things are different. I think 18, I was going into the military. I don't know of a bunch of 18 year old's are going, doing the same things or growing up it's completely different. So take your time.

Really, really realize what you're doing. Make sure that you're, uh, I think maturity and emotional and emotional intelligence is really superior. And take care of yourself. 

K: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
AF: Hilarious, loving life and energetic.

K: How do you feel about the fact that your fans are about to feel Alexis Fawx?AF: So I am super excited for them to feel me, fill me up.

K: What would be the best way to use your stroker?
AF: Definitely visualize me. Maybe finger it a little bit, kiss it, lick it, touch it. There's gonna be a lot there, you know? That's what I got. So pinch it, just fuck the shit out of it! Just, you know, just pretend that you know, it's me riding your deck and you just feel it out.

K: How would you explain Keon to your fans?
AF: I think it’s absolutely fantastic. And also kind of feeds into why I'm so excited for my fans to have ‘feel’. So basically you can plug in and connect that to your device, to one of my scenes and it will make you make, you know, fuck your Dick. Like you're fucking me and get that real life, um, situation.

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