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The Dawn of Death - Campaign 1 Episode 1

Thanatos is a sex-positive Scifi RPG set in a distant dystopian future.
Humanity has become a multi-planetary species. Humans, Clones, Cyborgs and Cybernetic beings live together in all but harmony in the domain of mankind.

In Episode 1, we learn of a pandemic outbreak in the jungles surrounding the crater city Tachion on the Planet of Thanatos. This so-called "NOX" virus threatens the very future of human existence. 

Meet the cast, and see how their insane Characters carry themselves in a world that has stacked the cards against them.

They have to power through Classicism, Sexism, Ageism, and flat out violence. 
Against the backdrop of a city in panic mode, they seek answers. They quest for salvation. 

Sex, Sexuality, and Sex-Tech are core pillars of the Thanatos narrative.
Explore how these 7 comedians navigate through practical, moral, ethical and mindboggling problems of grotesque proportions. 

If you have an opinion on their Mores, Ethos, or Praxis, please let us know in the Youtube comments. Let us know how you would have tackled a situation!
We are all about learning from our community here at Kiiroo and Kiiroo TV.

We'd love to find out what you think of our adult role-playing game.
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Who's Who!!?!

Steven "The Engine" Cook

Meet Steven "The Engine" Cook. Our talented Game Master. He weaves a tapestry of narrative bliss. He paints the picture for the players to explore. He guards the physics and rules of the universe. He embodies the antagonists, mentors and quest givers. He is a true Assessor of legendary caliber.

Tayo Cousins as Quantum

Meet Quantum.  A Cyborg  Scientist and mother of 4. Quantum is a computer and robotics scientist that fell out of grace and now dwells in the Red Ring of Tachion.

She finds purpose once more as she to save what is left of humankind.
Quantum is a nuanced and complex murder-hobo with a knack for harvesting limbs.

Raynor Arkenbout as L0-V3

L0-V3, or L-Zero as his companions call him, is a former Warbot.
A Cybernetic being now defunct due to heavy corruption of his AI.
L-Zero is of no use to his former owners. He does not want to fight. The only thing he wants is to find love. L-Zero is on a personal quest to learn as much as he can about passion and intimacy. He blunders through romance, and thinks courtship fully consists of cheesy oneliners.  It is L-Zero's goal to experience the pleasure of sex one day.

Eleanor Hancock  as Kinky Boots

Eleanor is a Sex-Robot expert and Sex-Tech researcher in real life. When she heard about our little project she knew she had to jump on board.
Her Character Kinky Boots is a rough and ready thief. Her cunning tactics aid the group in situations where a little tact is the preferrable MO. Kinky Boots is hilarious beyond compare and her whit keeps our party in a good mood... most of the time.

Jess Moorehouse as Mr. Quinn

Mr. Quinn is a Cybernetic man who fights for the emancipation of domesticated and commercially applicated Cybernetic Entities. Coming from a background as highstreet mannequin, his AI developed overtime to understand he was being held in slavery.

Once fully self-aware, Mr. Quin escaped the clutches of his retail hellscape and set on a mission to bring equity and equality to Cybernetics where ever he can. Mr. Quin is a raging sex-addict, and this both causes him to solidify, as well as ruin relationships in a heartbeat.

Molly McGuinness as Eva Allure

Eva Allure is a theatrical hypnotist. She is not as famous as she wants to be yet.
And now, before her career can even take off, the world is faced with an extinction-level event. Maybe that's a good thing. Eva sometimes struggles with grasping the concept of consent.

Eva is good at getting answers from people. Humans and Cybernetics alike.
Her rich laughter thunders through the streets of Tachion, striking fear in the hearts of those at the bud of her schadenfreude.

AJ Hill as Dennis Noodles

Dennis Noodles. Failed T-Pop artist. Thinks he's the dog's bollocks, the cream of the crop, the best thing to ever hit the charts. This Self-proclaimed god of rock struggles to understand that he is anything but famous. In his mind, he is the best selling artist in all districts. In reality, he is an impoverished busker, dragging around crates of merch, in case he ever meets his fans!

His blonde dreads reak of taste packs, as he literally only has the means to eat Toodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Day in. Day out.

Matty Shaw as Kylie

Kylie is a liberated human clone. He fled the terrors of upper rim oppression in search of independence. Making a life for himself was harder than expected due to his shy nature. He prefers to stick to the dark.  Kylie is a pan-sexual clone currently in a homo-romantic interspecies relationship. He has wholeheartedly fallen for the charms of the rebellious Mr. Quinn. Cybernetic Peen and Human Vaj are his guilty pleasures.
Kylie likes to think he is the brains of the operation. The others don't seem to notice!

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