It’s certainly no secret that physical fitness is a key part of living a long and healthy life. What you may not know is that exercise can actually help improve your sex life, for both men and women. Here’s how:

  1. Blood flow: Exercise – particularly cardiovascular exercise – gets your heart pumping faster. Adequate blood flow is necessary for arousal. For men, it helps build and maintain an erection. For women, it helps the vagina create its natural lubricant. Regular cardio improves your heart function, making these processes more efficient.

  2. Stamina: Particularly true with the newly popular High-Intensity Interval Training methods, you’ll see a great improvement in your stamina when you begin to work out regularly. As your heart and other muscles become stronger, and your breathing regulates, you’ll be able to last longer both at the gym and in bed.

  3. Flexibility: Yoga, pilates, and even a good post-workout stretch can help increase your flexibility. The more flexible you are, the more positions are open to you and your lover.

  4. Strength: Much like flexibility, strength can really help you when trying new positions. Plus, muscle strengthening has been linked to longer, stronger orgasms!

  5. Self Confidence: Exercise releases a cocktail of feel-good chemicals into the brain. Plus, the more you work on a skill, the better you get, and when you get better at something, it just feels good.

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Of course, it’s important to find something that you enjoy and something that feels good for your body. Don’t push yourself too hard – a sports injury can prevent you from exercising and spending time between the sheets.