Why not celebrate Valentine's Day with humor!?!

Seasonal humor is of all times, but this holiday we decided to make a collection of the best Valentine's Day videos.
Vids that put a smile on our face.
Clips that enamor us with their hijinks and tomfoolery.

Humor can be the language of love! 

We hope you enjoy the following selection as much as we do!

1. Cherdleys, Blake Webber, Bella Rome, and Trevor Wallace 

Best Quote:  

 "Usually I am not in these videos, because I am not very good at being a fuckboy!"

2. Comedy Central 

Best Quote: 

"Love is about connection. So we dress up like we never do, to go to restaurants we've never been to, to order food they never serve, for prices they shouldn't charge, just to get some free champagne,.. that we don't even like"

3. College Humor

 Best Quote:

"OOOOH Saint Valentine,.... YAAAAAY"

4. Dude Dad

Best Quote:

"OOH Babe, did you see what Matt got Sonya? He framed the concert tickets from their first date, too bad we didn't frame that kentucky fried chicken receipt."

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