How using Sex Toys is Beneficial

Whether you’re a woman or man, sex toys are becoming an increasingly popular topicas they should be. It’s a common misconception that women only use sex toys, but many toys out there provide pleasure for men and couples of all orientations and preferences. 

But aside from pleasure, what else can sex toys be good for? Well, honestly, a lot of things. We’re going to share with you the 15 reasons why you should use sex toys at any stage of your sex life, single or taken. 

1. Revive your sex life

Perhaps you've been with your partner for years, and your sex life is good, but it's routine. In other words, you're bored. You don't want to change your partner; you simply want to spice things up. Well, get yourself a couples' toy to switch up the routine. 

Whether it's a cock ring, anal toys, teledildonic toys such as Kiiroo's Onyx+ and Pearl2 Couples Set, it can have you experimenting with virtual reality (VR) and bring something new into the bedroom.  

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2. Explore your sexuality

Do you really know what turns you on? But, seriously. Do you? Not many people know what turns them on until they start exploring and trying new things out in the bedroom. This doesn’t mean you need to jump in and immediately try out anal toys. 

But you can start by trying a cock ring or teledildonics to help you ease into using sex toys. By exploring your sexuality, you’ll be able to discover what really works in turning you on.

3. It improves mental health 

    Mental health is a huge topic, and your sexual health is heavily tied to it. When you engage in self-pleasure or sex with a partner and achieve an orgasm, you're actually improving your mental health. Who would have thought that? It helps you connect with your partner, with yourself and promotes healthy wellbeing.

    4. Overcome stress

      Our lives have become stressful ones, but that doesn’t mean it needs to affect your sex life. Orgasms play an important role in your mental health and happiness. 

      When you orgasm, man or woman, you produce hormones called oxytocin and serotonin. These are known as the “feel-good” hormones. Regular orgasms with your bullet vibrator can help you live a less stressed life. 

      5. Say goodbye to pelvic floor problems

        If you have pelvic floor (PF) issues, you just found your solution. Many sex toys, including kegel balls, help to rebuild the muscles in your pelvic floor. The PF is a group of muscles that support the bladder, bowel, and parts of our genitalia.

        If you have a vagina, Kegels can help strengthen those muscles. By improving your pelvic floor, you can have more intense orgasms, and who doesn't want that?

        6. Women can achieve a clitoral orgasm

          Many women struggle with achieving orgasm, with some women not knowing what an orgasm even feels like. It’s extremely unfortunate, but luckily, sex toys can help. Sex toys can provide clitoral stimulation, which is the most common way women achieve orgasm. 

          Yes, oral sex can also do the trick, but it can take some time for a woman to relax and let go. So, by focusing on clitoral stimulation with a vibrator, women can finally have the orgasm they’ve been waiting for while masturbating or with their partner.

          7. Improve your orgasm

            Okay, so you now know that sex toys can help achieve a clitoral orgasm for women, but they also help intensify orgasm for both men and women. Certain toys help target specific areas such as the G-spot, releasing a g-spot orgasm for men and women. So, you can experiment and see which areas work best for you.

            8. It improves your sleep

              Many people suffer from inadequate sleep yet struggle to find a solution. But the solution is actually between your legs. Masturbation is a great way to help improve your sleep. Not to mention, squeeze in a little self-pleasure at the same time. 

              The repetitive motions of masturbation help release your thoughts, and when you orgasm, your body releases oxytocin and prolactin, which help provide a deep sleep.

              9. Work through your sexual issues

                Your sexual confidence and sexual health are important and something you need to focus on. And it all starts with masturbation. We all have issues with self-esteem, self-endurance, and sexual confidence; however, masturbation allows you to explore your body without the pressures of having a partner around. 

                By discovering your body and learning about it, you start to appreciate yourself and understand what works for you and what doesn't. Toys such as Kiiroo's Onyx+ Realm Virtual Reality Pack can help you dive into your fantasies and explore what turns you on.

                10. Close the gap in your long-distance relationship

                  Long-distance relationships (LDR) are hard enough as it is, but teledildonics has made intimacy possible for couples divided by distance. One main problem couples face in LDR is intimacy. 

                  But toys such as Kiiroo's Onyx+ Cliona Couples Set allow two-way interactive stimulation between partners in long-distance relationships. Bridge the gap in your long-distance relationship and keep the flame alive with sex toys.

                  11. It boosts your self-esteem

                    You want to feel good when having sex either through solo-pleasure or with a partner. Perhaps you've met people with high sexual self-esteem and are wondering how they do it. Well, it all comes down to masturbation. By masturbating more frequently, your self-esteem will increase, and you'll gain more self-confidence about your body and its capabilities.

                    12. Works for all types of couples

                      The beauty of sex toys is that they're not limited to one's sexual preference or orientation. Whether you're interested in vaginal sex, oral sex, or anal sex, there are toys that can provide you with the pleasure you're looking for. The world of sex toys is entirely inclusive, so there will always be something out there for you. 

                      13. Keep the vagina healthy

                        Whether your partner has a vagina or you have a vagina, it's safe to say we all want healthy vaginas in our sex life. An unhealthy vagina is a sad vagina. Using a rabbit vibrator can help maintain the walls of the vagina. 

                        The lining of the vagina produces secretions that moisturize the area. By doing so, it increases vaginal elasticity keeping the vagina at an optimal state. It also prevents infections by flushing out unwanted fluids.

                        14. Who doesn’t like some self-pleasure?

                          At the end of the day, we all want to have good sexual health and enjoy our sexual experiences. If anything, the main reason why you should want a sex toy is to develop and grow your sex life, making it as pleasurable as possible. If that's what you want, a sex toy can help you achieve that.

                          15. Expand your horizons!

                            Self-discovery and self-care have become huge topics, but are you spending time discovering yourself? Whether you’re looking for a couples’ toy or a toy for solo action, sex toys can help you expand your pleasure horizons. 

                            Using a rabbit vibrator or a bullet vibrator can increase clitoral stimulation, helping you achieve the orgasm you’ve been dreaming about. People who masturbate or have regular sex with their partners live betters livesand who doesn’t want a better life? 

                            As you can see, there are many reasons why you should try sex toys, and we're only skimming the surface! Let go and allow yourself to enjoy your sexual experience and your self-discovery journey, seeing the real sexual side of yourself.

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